Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Loomis is Awesome

I love the movie “Halloween” and it’s one of my favorite slashers but what I especially like about this movie is one of the key characters in the movie… not Michael, not Laurie but rather Dr. Samuel Loomis. Why do I like his character? Because he really cares about Michael, he seems like the only person to understand him and he is the kind of guy who looks awkward holding a gun but when he does he’s dangerous. He is funny, evidenced when he scares those kids from the Myers house and really want to help Michael but can’t.

Unlike the remake, he’s not out for money or to expose Michael for profit, he doesn’t look like a hippy and in the remake he’s not as funny. I enjoy McDowell’s performances but I don’t think that anybody could ever knock the character down as well as Pleasence. 


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