Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Jackal

I have always loved “The Omen” and how it’s one of the few evil-child/biblical horror stories out there aside from “Rosemary’s Baby” or “The Exorcist,” this movie is almost like a psychological horror of sorts. You know Damien is evil but you never see him directly affect the animals around him or cause certain things to happen… he evil but he still retains his boyish personality.

What I think is the creepiest scene in this movie is when Robert and Jennings open up the coffin to Damien’s real mom and find out that it is the skeletal remains of a jackal. It’s just so creepy because of exactly that… the mom is not human but rather an animal, the bottom feeder of the animal kingdom. It’s just terrifying and it’s something that always scared me as a kid. 


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