Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remake - Let the Right One In

From Blogger Pictures

So I just found out that there is another horror movie that is being remade, this time it’s a foreign horror movie that has been beloved by vampire fans from all over the world; “Let the Right One In.” I just got this article from a friend on Twitter and all I have to say is that it is terrible, it’s ridiculous, it’s sickening, it’s rape and it’s unnecessary. My biggest problem is: “Let the Right One In” just came out about a year ago if not 2, which means they are literally making remakes to movies that are within years time. What’s to stop them from remaking “Slither” or “Saw?” Another major biggie I have with this is, since when in fuck’s sake was Oskar Ellie 5-years-old? What is even more disappointing is that Matt Reeves is directing this movie, the same guy behind the genius that is "Cloverfield," and though I am not in good terms with remakes, this might be good if Reeves does not fuck it up... but I am not holding my breath. Why would somebody like him remake something when he directing something so original? Maybe I am being too bias but it is still uncalled for.


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