Friday, July 3, 2009


The Man Behind The Paradise of Horror

Well I'm Rick and I was born in August 13 of 1990. I was always into horror; at a young age I began my horror crusade by watching
Tales from the Crypt with my grandma and then I realized that it was too scary so I reading and watching Goosebumps in 95' - 97'. Around 98' I began reading Stephen King and I graduated to watching The X-Files. Little by little I became obsessed with horror and I began by watching B-movies from Hollywood video and Blockbuster and gradually worked my way up a more sophisticated horror guru. I don't think that there is any one person that I could say encouraged me in my horror craze, I just always loved being scared and taking that trip off the beaten path when it came to movie genres.

My First Horror Experience

Tales and Goosebumps was scary, but there were two movies that I remember that scared me so much that I could sleep and that gave me nightmares for months. Those movies would be John Carpenter's The Thing and the 1988 remake of The Blob. When I watched The Thing, I could not get past the dog kennel scene and I could not get past the scene where Shawnee Smith's first boyfriend gets attacked by the blob in the doctors clinic from The Blob.

The X-Files Years

When it came time to the
X-Files, I was all about this show after I moved on from Goosebumps because it was at exactly my level of horror. It was scary but not too frightening although there were some episodes that terrified me. I would later become an X-Phile because of my obsession and my dad would tape the episodes for me to watch later on. The episodes that terrified would be:

Grotesque - Killer possessed by a demon. When those bodies were behind the clay...

Alpha - Shape shifting dog episode. Caused me to be terrified of dogs.

Agua Mala - Sea monster hides out during a hurricane. I would not take a bath/shower for weeks.

Arcadia - Subterranean monster in suburbia. gave me back my fear of the dark.

The Unnatural - Alien in a 1940s baseball team. Sad, but that KKK scene was nuts.

Hungry - Monster that easts people's brains. That face and the drive-thru scene was terrifying.

X-Cops - COPS meets X-Files. What part of that show wasn't creepy?

Roadrunners - Town cult that kidnaps Skully. That 'worm thing' haunted me for years.

The Paradise of Horror

This was a blog that I originally created on about 3 or 4 years ago. I have since made several posts regarding horror movie reviews, soundtrack analysis, trailer reviews, random horror movie thoughts and videos but I have switched to WordPress only because I heard about it. The Paradise of Horror is a blog that is dedicated to horror movies and anything that is horror. The name of the blog comes from the idea that this a paradise for anybody that loves horror movies and it's tropical theme as so often the word 'paradise' associates with; a tropical vacation.

My Goals

Well, I want to go to Hollywood. Plain and simple. I would like to become a movie director, producer, writer and editor but in order to get that high on the food chain, I must start off mastering the great technique of movie editing. I go to school in Chicago and live in Chicago. I have made several movies already, most of them are student quality or movie reviews but I am a filmmaker. My other career that I am looking into is getting a doctorate degree in film and hopefully get a job at a high school or university teaching film but what I want to do with this career is get a job reviewing movies.


Sheluvsmoovies said...

Hi! There fellow writer, you sound well "seasoned" when it comes to writing about your horror viewing experiences. I saw you on the B. Disgusting site, you commented on the movie "The Box", which I could not stand. Not sure about the H2O scene either.

Franz Patrick said...

I just had an X-FILES marathon (all 202 glorious episodes, including the movies) and reading some of the episodes that terrified you took me back. Loved "Roadrunners" and all them religious cult episodes.

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