Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trailer - The Collector (2009)

So this new movie is coming out called “The Collector” and it looks interesting enough coming from the guys who butchered the “Saw” movies.  Although, what people have been saying is that this movie would redefine modern movies in the sense that it’s creating a whole new original villain… something that is very very rare today. That may be, he wears a mask that looks like very similar to Cronenberg’s character from “Nightbreed.” From the trailer it looks like this is going to be a movie that is very similar to “Saw” since the killer sets up deadly traps throughout the house. I hope that it does not come anywhere close to “Saw.”

If this is a new original villain, maybe it might redeem horror movies today but I am not holding my breath since everything nowadays seems borrowed or stolen. 


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