Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trick or Treat

So finally after all these months of waiting and waiting and waiting one of the most anticipated horror movies is finally getting released on DVD – “Trick r’ Treat.” I first saw the preview of this movie and I was blown away by it and it looks like one of the most original horror movie in years. I wanted it to get a theatrical release but instead it’s getting a straight-to-DVD release instead, which I guess it’s okay just as long as I get to see it. I’ll be buying it regardless.

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What I cannot understand is why none of the big-brand studios wanted to release this movie, I mean, it got a universal liking by all the critics even Ebert and Roper gave it a great review. Lionsgate dropped it, even though they are known for supporting indie horror, Universal dropped it and that was a studio founded on horror… so why not pick it up? I would!

I’m just glad that it’s finally coming out and know I can finally see a great original Halloween themed movie that combines slasher with supernatural… and I am happy as a clam.


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