Friday, July 10, 2009

I Wish "Wishmaster 3" Was Better

Well I got done watching “Wishmaster 3” and I hated this movie. I have to give them credit because they really tried to give this movie heart but they failed. There were a number of problems that this movie had that made it so bad and the number one reason is because they didn’t have Andrew Divoff in this movie… it’s not “Wishmaster” without him. He has that smile, the placid voice and that deadpan humor that makes him so great. 

Second, in this movie… the Djinn looks incredibly fake and nothing like the Djinn from the first 2.  He has wrinkles, it’s obvious that it is a costume and when he transforms into the Djinn, its just CGI rather then puppetry…, which is something, I admire from the other movies.

The plot was stupid!! I do not think there should have been a battle between angels and demons and a sword should be in this series. It’s unnecessary.

What made the first two so much better is that the Djinn was patient enough and persuaded people into wishing for stuff… rather then be an asshole about it. Consider this:



Wishmaster: “Am I to understand that you do not wish to see this?”

Mortition: “Uh-huh.”

Wishmaster: “Very well.”



Wishmaster: “You can wish it away.”

Girl: “Never!”

Wishmaster: “Wish it!”

He’s a little bit more patient and elegant in the first movie. Plus, in third installment he isn’t funny and he doesn’t have that charm.

I don’t know, this movie was a mess and I don’t think there was anyway they could have done better with this movie. There were so many things they should have taken out and they shouldn’t have made this in the fist place. 


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