Saturday, July 11, 2009

God Bless Texas

You know what I really liked about “Texas Chainsaw” is the raw grittiness of the movie. The movie is shot as thought it was a hand held Super 8 and the dialogue is spoken as thought it was half improve and half scripted, which makes the movie seem more realistic and puts you right in the movie. Even the set and the atmosphere gives the movie this creepy, rustic, raw look to it… like a wound that had been let open to fester and rot. The movie is tense, brutal and very unforgiving with a slight note of comedy.

The scene where they try to make the Grandpa hit the girl over the head with a hammer is an example of dark comedy at it’s finest. He is so old and dying and he is still trying to kill this woman and he keeps dropping the hammer and his relatives keep trying to help him.

What I also notices is that this movie reminds me a lot of “Last House on the Left” in the sense of it’s brutality and violence and that something like this can happen… what’s the worst thing that a human can do to another human and this is the answer. It has a sort of exploitation feel to it and that is something that I like seeing in this movie. What also helps is that the narration in the beginning says that this was a true account… that alone is frightening.


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