Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My New Cell

So I heard that John Harrison (who composed “Creepshow” and “Day of the Dead”) is writing the teleplay for the Stephen King book ‘Cell,’ which was going to be adapted into a movie by Eli Roth but is not being adapted into a four-hour mini series. I enjoy John Harrison’s direction, and he stated that he wouldn’t mind directing it if the opportunity came along… but for now, it’s being written and handed to several channels to pick up. I wouldn’t mind seeing this on TV, as long as it’s written properly and not raped and I hope HBO picks it up cause then it would be amazing! But if one of the other networks does then I am fine.

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I was a huge fan of ‘Cell’ and seeing Eli Roth drop out of this was a little bit of a relief. I just wasn’t a fan of “Hostel.”  


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