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Soundtracks - C.H.U.D. (1984)

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Yes, I am doing a soundtrack review for the 1984 b-movie C.H.U.D., because I can and because this movie has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Ever since I saw it I became enthralled with the soundtrack of it and now I feel as though I have to communicate my obsession with it through writing. The score can be broken up into two parts; both synthesized of course, the Main Titles and the Main Theme. I don’t really care about the love theme or any of the scores in between; it’s those two that always made me smile.

The Main Titles

This is got to be one of the best main theme titles in 80s b-movie cinema. Right off the bat, as soon as the credits appear, you hear loud pulsing synthesized drums giving it that epic monster movie feel. Over the drums there is a humming sound, pretty much just providing white noise. Then there is that siren sounding electric guitar strum… and it really does sound like an short air raid siren that they would use before setting a bomb off or the kind of siren you hear in a laboratory. All the better to give the movie that threatening sound.

The Main Theme

This was an awesome main theme because like the Main Titles it starts off with a fantastic symphony of synthesized drums and piano. At points, it sounds like they are horns but there is also this sound that gives it this strange and eerie tone. If you listen to the sound it has about midway into the score, it’s almost sad and depressing… like you’re mourning somebody. It has this creepy, haunting yet sad and strange tone. If you think about it, the C.H.U.D.’s aren’t all that bad because they are mutated homeless people.. so maybe they are trying to make you feel for them. Who knows.

So, that is my little analysis of the soundtrack to the movie C.H.U.D. and I am glad I finally got that off my back. If anybody has a place that I can maybe rip the music from or can tell me where to find the soundtrack… please do. Again, this is a score that I will always remember because it’s so intoxicating. Below is a clip from the movie that has the Main Titles sequence, I could not find a video on the Main Theme. 

Review - Jack Frost 2 (2000)

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I’ll admit… I hated this movie when I first saw it and I wondered why I bought it for $10 at Best Buy, but after re-watching it again for the first time in many years, I realized that this is not a movie that you’re supposed to take seriously. This of course is Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman. The story centers on Sam (from the first movie) who goes to a tropical island for Christmas so that he can escape the memory of serial Killer Jack Frost, but while on the island Jack comes back as the killer snowman, this time immune to anti-freeze. Things turn cold when people begin to die and Jack Frost has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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The sly humor from the original is no longer present in this movie, but rather a combination of stupid and screwball comedy. There were times when I enjoyed some of the slapstick comedy… specifically some of the pointless running around and snowball attacks, but there were points where the spoken comedy was just stupid. The lines that really annoyed me was mainly spoken by the little snowball monsters, or babies, or whatever the hell they are. But, what I will say, the puns that Jack Frost makes are pretty clever and witty but at times they were really bad.

I want to look at one aspect of the film that annoyed the piss out of me and that was the snowball things. If they made them nearly as vicious as the DVD cover made them out, it would have been twice as better… but these snowballs acted like children, which is fine because they are, but at least make them more wicked and crazy. They talk… which bugged me and I hated that they had arms; just balls would have been nice. That was one part of the film that disappointed me.

When it comes to special effects and gore, both of these movies showed outstanding achievement. For what the cost was, which I am sure was low, to make this movie, the gore and the special effects were great. There were parts where the movie made a nice bloody mess of things, which I loved and some of the explosions were just masterpieces of blood. As for some of the Jack Frost kills: snow anvils falling on people was always a treat, I enjoyed the Jack Frost box and kitchen tongs in the eyes equals brilliant. 

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Some of the characters were actually pretty funny like 'Captain Fun' and that British guy who serves no purpose to the actual story. I liked the Jamaican guy and some of the girls were pretty hot... but the biggest disappointment were the various things of Jack Frost that talked. It was pretty stupid when an ice cube talks, or when a fucking carrot talks... or even melted snow in general. 

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I guess viewing this movie for a third or fourth time I finally decided that this is supposed to be a wacky comedy horror than anything else… it shouldn’t be taken seriously and there are only a few things to complain about. Jack Frost wasn’t as brutal as he was much more brutal in a screwball way and I can’t really complain about the acting cause it wasn’t that bad actually. So in retrospect it was a fun, campy, corny, gory movie that should be given a chance… I mean, if you enjoy bad movies then please see it but if you’re looking for anything deeper… your shit out of luck. 

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The Vampires of the Titty Twister

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I have always enjoyed From Dusk Till Dawn because of its witty humor; brutal violence, story and extreme wackiness but the one thing that has always fascinated me about this movie would be the makeup, costuming and special effects. For me, this was the first time that Quentin Tarantino and Rodriguez did a gory horror movie and it was a blast… but what I found even more interesting would be how the vampires looked. This is a semi-deep look into the types of vampires that Q&R have used in their movie.

WARNING: This is very irrelevant.

The Simple Q&R Vampire:

This is just your plain and simple vampire. Fangs and blotted out eyes. This is a throw back to the original vampire design and it’s not until they get extremely pissed off do they turn into the more modern traditional looking vamps. These are still okay in my book but now since things have been revised so many times, I am hoping for a new design. Enter…

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The Traditional Q&R Vampire:

This is your typical vampire… fangs, muscular body, endurance and great strength. His face is a little mutated but it still retains its human features. Most of the time he or she is snarling and yelling. When it comes to vampires, I prefer them this way because they are kind of a mix of human and troll looking things… but I am not picky, all the vampires in this movie I enjoy, but there are plenty of these types everywhere in the film.

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The Reptilian Q&R Vampire:

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this type of vampire for the first time I saw this movie, since it was out of the norm and it was something that I wasn’t used to. I was always used to straight up human looking vampires but after watching this a few more times… I gain a respect for reptilian vampires. I don’t think they should ever do a feature film on these types because they only work in moderations; this film, had only one or two and that’s really how it should be.

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The Troll-Thing Q&R Vampire:

This is perhaps one of my favorite vampire designs ever… it crosses over the line of traditional and revision because these types of vampire look like trolls and goblins with sharp teeth and a mouth in their stomachs. They are ‘vampire’ to the extreme and they almost funny looking, which makes sense because this is a movie that should not be taken seriously. If they made a movie that more of these kinds of vampires… I would be satisfied!

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The Rat-Dog-Thing Q&R Vampire:

Rightfully named, there is no other way to describe this thing other than a rat-dog-thing-vampire. It’s kind of like a combination between a deformed animal and the troll vampires, although this one is more of an animal. I really enjoyed this one and it was a shame that it only had such a small roll.

So that’s my little categorization of all the vampires that were covered in From Dusk Till Dawn, I do not know why I created this but this is something that I have always admired about this movie. I figured that it would be worth a post. If you don’t like it, then, don’t read it… although if you are reading this now, chances are you read the whole thing. Thanks!!

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Age of the Zombies

I have really good news, The Paradise has agreed to be affiliate with the radio show Age of the Zombies. Here is a small description of what the show is about. Please, take a look at the site and listen to the radio show, it won’t be a waste of time.

“What if?...

A plague has ravaged the Earth and changed the world as we know it. Millions upon millions have been transformed into flesh-eating zombies that roam the Earth with an unquenchable thirst for the living. Those fortunate enough not to have been infected are in a fight for their lives. Spread out across the globe… small groups struggle each day to see the next. One such group of survivors are trying to reach out to anyone who’s still alive… They live in… the Age of the Zombies."

-       Age of the Zombies

This is the premise of the radio show Age of the Zombies presented by Necropolis Studios Production. The Paradise of Horror as agreed to become an affiliate as well as endorse this radio show.

The show features the voice talents of:


Mellissa D. Johhson as Alex Thayer

Sidney Williams as Jake Thayer

Stephen Lindsey as Scotty Davenport

Edison Pongklub as John Tate and Oren Williams

Glen Hallstorm as Steve Reynolds

Scott Oka as Ryan Davis

Eric Busby as Frank Thompson

Michael Hudson as Rob McCrery

Rhayne Archer as Catherine Fraser

Lee Sands as Ian Fraser

Alison Snowfender as Emberly Murphy

Ryan West as Blaine Murphy

Christina Lam as Samantha Murphy

Jonathan Cooke as Joshua Moseley

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Beth Wilson and Paige Peretti

Zack Maher as Richard Currier

Katie Dehnart as Phebe Sanborn

Melissa D. Johnson as Alex

Kimberly West as the Lady and Rebecca Chapman

Tim Hoffman as the Cameraman

Dave Frizzell as the Announcer

And the Zombies as themselves.


Music by: Human Response

Written, Directed and Produced by: Dave Frizzell

For the website, click here. 

Top 10 Favorite Horror TV Shows

So I decided to do a top 10 list of my favorite horror TV shows… so here is the disclaimer: this is not a top 10 list about all the horror TV shows out there, these are my personal picks so don’t be alarmed if not every one is on here. Also, this covers all sorts of horror shows including kids TV shows, cartoons and adult shows as well. Plus, there is an honorable mention.

10. Eerie Indiana – I remember this show since it always came on after Goosebumps and it was lighter version of it. There were some weird and strange things that were covered in this anthology but nothing really that horror… it pushed the lines of Sci-fi. Plus, the effects for a kids TV show were amazing. The one episode that I remember had to deal with giant ants using humans as harvesters for their ant food. Fucking creepy, but still worth my viewing.

9. Unsolved Mysteries – This was a bizarre TV show hosted by Robert Stack that tapped into murders and occurrences that were never solved because of some sort of supernatural ability. What always got me about this TV show were the reenactments… they were so creepy and stylish. They used voyeuristic shots, dark atmosphere and high contrast lighting. Some of the shadowy imagery scared me, and that music… I will never get that theme out of my head.

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8. Kolchak: The Night Stalker – This was a show that I was all too familiar with since it inspired The X-Files, but I was never able to watch all the episodes. What I do remember was that there were some creepy episodes involving aliens, werewolves and androids. This was an show that I rarely had the pleasure to watch but when I did it was pretty thrilling… although, I was already a bit numbed down from The X-Files.

7. Night Gallery – I was a huge fan of this show’s TV renditions of H.P. Lovecraft tales. It reminded me a lot of Twilight Zone but some of their adaptations were very well done. The one episode that I remember because it scared the piss out of me was an episode called ‘The Doll.’ I mean… out of all the horror movies that have evil dolls; this one stands out as the scariest.

6. Are You Afraid of the Dark? – This was a show that was sort of like the show Goosebumps considering it was made for kids and it featured original ideas rather then stories based off of books. The one thing that separates this show from Goosebumps is that Are You Afraid of the Dark is a little bit more dark in atmosphere rather than in content… I think. But there are some episodes that I remember.

5. Courage the Cowardly Dog – This was a cartoon that was horror… light, mostly for little kids but the reason why I have this on the list is because some of the subject matter for this show was extremely dark. Consider: without knowing the ending, a pig who runs a diner where they plump up their customers so that he can butcher them and make them into hamburgers. Or, a psychotic barber who has a fixation on shaving people with a large smile. This cartoon, for what the audience it was aiming for, pushed the line of dark humor as well as dark plots.

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4. The Twilight Zone – I have always loved this TV show because the shows were horrifying but they didn’t show much of anything. What I really enjoyed about this show as that there were family lessons to be learned from the stories, so it was kind of like horror mixed with family traditions. Plus, having a spoken intro and outro to the show always pleased me; it was like Rod was presenting each story to us personally… like we knew him. The one episode that always freaked me out was ‘Eye of the Beholder’ because of the twist, and how this was a society of monsters that thought beauty was ugly. There is a lesson to be learned here and in the process it freaked me out.

3. Tales from the Crypt – Oh boy, was this a series or what? This was one of the first shows I remember watching with my grandma, but at the time I didn’t really understand what was going on, since the stories were more adult themed but I remember the imagery scared me. These shows were really gory, terrifying and humorous at sometimes… but the one thing that I will never forget is the introduction to the crypt keeper. Although, after getting a little older, this show began to frighten me so I decided to stick with Goosebumps for a while and work my way up.

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2. The X-Files – This is perhaps my absolute favorite adult horror/sci-fi TV show out there because when I was younger and I made my gradual turn from Goosebumps, this show was the first series that I decided to try out. I cannot tell you how many episodes in this series that scared the shit out of me and how many of them left their mark in my head. It was this show that provided a gateway for me to crossover into R-rated horror films and gorier flicks. To describe the influence The X-Files had on me, I would need 10 or so pages alone… but what I will say is this: I credit this show for turning me into the demented, cryptozoologist that I am today. Thanks Chris Carter.

From Blogger Pictures

1. Goosebumps – This is it. This was the series that started it all, as well as the book series; this was the series that started me into horror! I watched these shows not with a sense of fright but rather thrilling; where I can mesmerize myself in the special effects and the creepiness of the stories. As I look back on these episodes I began to think that the some of the scene in the show were very dark and graphic (in ‘Don’t Go Into the Basement’ he slits his wrists then bleeds green goo). R.L. Stine has a great mind for younger horror fanatics and Goosebumps was no exception. I remember some of the episodes were based off of other horror movies, but because this was somewhat scary enough… I decided to stick with it, until I discovered The X-Files. But, I think I can watch this show over an over and still be entertained because it’s a flashback to my early years as a kid growing up in the 90’s.

From Blogger Pictures

Honorable mention Wishbone (The Slobbering Hound) – Though the series is more along the lines of mystery/thriller, there is one episode that freaked me out. The scenes that were in the forest where the dog was heard that the scene when everybody was looking out in the dark forest saying ‘its out there,’ terrified me. This was one of the few darker episodes of Wishbone.

So that is my list of the top 10 horror TV shows, and as you can see, I have left quit a few out but like I said in the beginning, these were based on my personal experiences with them. This is not a real list, more of a personal list than anything. I hope you enjoy. 

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Trailer - Whiteout (2009)

After seeing it again in Halloween II, I decided to write a little editorial about my first impressions of the Whiteout trailer that showed before The Orphan. Now, as many of you may know… there has been a wide range of speculation that somebody is doing a remake to the John Carpenter 1982 classic The Thing, so naturally when I saw Whiteout, that’s what I thought of. It takes place in the Antarctic and on an outpost station. There are several hints that there might be some kind of extraterrestrial involved and some of the shots and scenery are very reminiscent of that movie.

I feel stupid now that it wasn’t The Thing, but in a way I am happy because I hope they don’t rape one of my childhood movies. Knowing Hollywood, they will though.

Review - Halloween II (2009)

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Halloween II is exactly what I expected it to be… a jumbled mess of lights, blood and ghosts. I went in having real low expectations but I walked out with a sense of ‘what the fuck did I just watch,’ which I guess was better than what I expected but it was still a pretty bad movie nevertheless. The plot, in simple words, is centering on Laurie who is trying to overcome the terror that had happened to her but Michael is back and he is seeing apparitions of his mom and of himself as a little kid. His ghost mom and his ghost kid-self tell him that he must make Laurie part of the family. Psychological subtext and stupid metaphors layer this movie to the point where it becomes confusing and jumbled. In the end, I don’t know who is who and there is no explanation when it clearly needs one.

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What really bothered me about this movie was the fact that none of the characters were likable or even remotely enjoyable to watch. What I enjoyed about the original Halloween II is that Laurie still retained her innocents on the whole subject; she still was this helpless girl that tangled with evil. That’s not the case here! Laurie is a stupid, alcoholic whiny bitch who you kind of want to see get killed. Even Loomis is an asshole in this movie. He writes a book about Michael Myers and then profits off of it and then is a douche to his editor and the people around him… and he is so convinced that Michael is dead. The REAL Loomis would never do that; he is not out there for profit or anything… just to help Laurie avoid this monster. He was still a nice protective man, not like in this movie. The only real person that I actually cared for was the Sheriff because he had depth and emotion.

I loathed the supernatural aspect of this film because it did not need to be in there. They are adding layers of character to Michael that didn’t need to be added… they are trying to make him seem like a person that has a conscience but he simply does not, he is the Boogeyman. For whatever reason, there was Sheri Moon Zombie dressed in a white gown with a white horse; I fail to see where this fit into the plot. Are they trying to find metaphors to pump in to this film? I don’t know. Also, why does Michael Myers dress like a homeless guy and why does he have a beard? A homeless looking Michael is not something that I neither am used to nor do I want to see.

From Blogger Pictures

In fairness, this movie does have its brutal killings, a lot of blood and some pretty awesome camera angles but what throws me off from this movie is the fact that there are points (specifically Laurie’s dreams) where it’s so LSD induced and so fucked up, I don’t know what to think. It’s like watching an 80’s music video while on acid. It steers away from the plot. Furthermore, there are comedy sections that didn’t need to be there specifically the line “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” said by the ambulance attendee. And the cameo by Weird Al was very unnecessary.

Overall, this movie was a mess and it was hard to follow. There were points where it tried to be serous but it failed and there were times when the corniness, supernatural elements and the characters got in the way of the already fucked up plot. I think this movie could have been better had they kept it in the same night and not over the course of a few days. But, this is Zombie’s rendition so I can’t complain… coming from the guy who did House of 1,000 Corpses I expect nothing more. I am still a somewhat fan of his music though. 

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Zombie Directing The Blob?

So, apparently, it’s official that Rob Zombie is remaking the 1950’s classic The Blob. What a terrible idea this is. Out of all the people that could fuck this movie up, why did they pick Rob Zombie? I am a huge, huge, huge fan of the original classic and an even bigger fan of the 1988 update for personal reasons. But, having Zombie write and direct this will be utterly terrible, since I am sure this will be layered with crappy CGI. In the interview he states that he doesn’t want it to be a red blob, which makes me wonder what it will be… considering The Blob is about a blob. Will it not be a blog then? If that’s the case, then it shouldn’t be considered a remake but a revision. Here is to another shitty revision from the mind of Rob Zombie.

Variety covered the entire story here. It was remade in ’88 and it was surprised that it was really good for its time but since money talks nowadays, it’s sad to see so many good horror movies fall victim to their remakes.   

Oh well, what can you do?

To Be (Zombie) or Not To Be (Zombie)

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So this is something that I am putting together since some kid in my class argued with me on what classifies somebody to be considered a zombie. He thinks that the ‘infected’ in 28 Days Later are considered zombies… and I say they are not. They are not dead, they are just lunatics. There is a difference. I am calling on you to help me put this kid to rest because he wants me to do this so that he can prove me wrong… so, my fellow horror fans, do you consider 28 Days Later a zombie movie or just a horror movie?

Below is a small list to classify a zombie by. Now, I know several movies have made different editions of this list and have changed it… but I am basing on what George A. Romero has set in motion since this kid said Romero is the worst horror director ever.

1. Zombies eat people’s flesh

2. Zombies are dead

3. When bit by one, you become a zombie

4. Zombies skin rot as time progresses

5. Zombies (normally) walk slowly

6. They have no brain function

7. Zombies can have missing body parts

8. To kill one, you have to destroy the brain only

9. The zombie virus does not make you aggressive

10. Zombies rule

So use this list and other things that I have forgotten to help answer this question. I will be giving this list to this kid and using it as ‘hardcore’ evidence. 

'Cloverfield 2' Viral Video?

So this new video surfaced on YouTube a few day ago and people are already speculating that it is a viral video for the second Cloverfield. I do not think this is true because if you look carefully, there are no static cuts between the skip from the main footage to the baby footage. Second, while I enjoy the pixilation the Clover monster in the background is taken from the actual Cloverfield movie. I think it's a video that was made purely to make people foam at the mouth over. 

Although, if it is a viral video, I won't be that surprised. But take in mind what that whole Ethan Haas thing spawned. People thought it was legitimate but it turned out to be an online game feeding off of the movie. For shame. 

terror in the Aisles 2, Part 2

I know it’s been a while since I even talked about Terror In the Aisles 2 but I thought that I should go over what I accomplished while I was there. I was very happy because I finally got to meet so many different people there from all sorts of websites as well as different celebrities. I met Stuart Conover from BuyZombie and Mitch Wells and his wife Jessica from The Horror Society and I also met Tom Holland who was the special effects guy for Evil Dead, George Mihalka who dircted My Bloody Valentine and Mike Dougherty who directed Trick ‘r Treat.

I got these cards that were advertising the Trick ‘r Treat website and how they were giving away these Sam figurines to promote the movie. I took one and I turned it around for Tom and George to sign it. The top (in black) is Tom’s signature. The bottom (in red) is George, who wished me to ‘set over’ the fact that My Bloody Valentine scared the shit out of me when I was younger.

From Conventions

It’s also funny to note that I was in the washroom taking a piss and some guy came next to me and said ‘Goddamn it, these things are always so fucking smelly.” I turned around and it was George.

This is the card that Dougherty signed for me.

From Conventions

This is some free comic book they were giving out. I never heard of it though.

From Conventions

Those are just some of the things that I got from this convention. When my friend finally gives me the pictures I will upload them to this site so you can see me with my horror crew. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reaching the Light of Decent

I have always loved The Decent as a horror movie because it really scares you with these ‘jump out’ scares and how the director utilized the caves to give the audience a claustrophobic feel to the movie. Plus, the acting was simply amazing and very well performed. But there was one element that I liked about this movie and that is how well the lighting played such a vital role to the atmosphere and emotion each scene had. So, lets break down the colors:

From Blogger Pictures

Green: Usually when they show this color they are usually glow sticks but if you noticed that they only show this color when it is wide angles of the caves; showing all the nooks and crannies of the caves. Even during scenes that have this color you see the faces of these creatures, up close and personal and you see the texture, the look, the touch and the sent that these creatures might have. Pretty much having this earthy feel to the scenes.

Orange: This color wasn’t as solid as the rest of the colors but usually when the group is searching through the caves with their torches. It gives the atmosphere a cautious and very ancient look to the film. It makes the audience anxious because the flam only goes so far until it his darkness and after that, you don’t know what’s beyond it. I really like this color for that reason and it’s really interesting to see how orange plays out in this equation… plus, during these scenes, not everything around the flame is orange.

From Blogger Pictures

Red: For this movie, red symbolizes two things: Awaiting danger/death and gore. The first time we see red is when the group is setting up hooks to climb across this huge cave trench. This scene is unnerving with tenseness and it only shows you so much; what I mean by this is that beneath the girl is darkness and nothing else whereas the red light only shows what’s a little ahead and behind. It’s foreshadows danger and death. Hell, later in the movie, the next red scene involves a nice pool of blood and some really gory, gory kill scenes. It’s quit obvious why they would use read for this scene, but also during this scene one of the characters encounters a near-death experience.

So, I really think that the coloring and the lighting just compliment this whole movie for what it is. This was a really scary movie and I am glad that it got something for it’s technical achievement.

Note: I wouldn’t really call the creatures in this movie creatures, they really aren’t. If you really listen to what she says, they are more like a different species of human that have evolved to live in the dark. 

Meet the Horror Bloggers

So The Paradise of Horror has been featured on John Cozzoli's blog: Zombo's Closet. Here you can read the complete history of me as a horror fanatic as well as the history of The Paradise. This is really exciting news considering how many followers I had the last few days and hopefully I can make a name for myself out there among the community. 

Note: I have applied my blog into several other blog communities as well as blogger awards... so maybe that might gain me more recognition. 

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Defending 'Ghost Ship'

From Blogger Pictures

So, after watching Ghost Ship, it came across my mind that there weren’t that many people that liked this movie… in fact, people hated this movie. I saw it in the theaters with my dumbass stepbrother and I am proud to say that I really enjoyed this movie, then and now. But I am here to defend this movie for what it is; a horror movie. Note: this is not a review of the movie.

From Blogger Pictures

1. This is a HORROR movie and I am sure there are several people that did get scared from this movie. If so, then this movie accomplished its goal to scare the audience. It’s a traditional ghost ship story but with a twist… not a plot twist but rather a content twist. Most ghost stories, the ghosts are bad and that’s what you are led to believe but that majority of the ghosts are good and only a few are bad. It’s a twist of sorts.

2. For a horror movie that looks like it focused all of it’s art direction the rusty design of the ship, it had good makeup and gore. I watched the ‘making of’ and I saw how much they spent on the make up and some of the ghosts looked pretty good. Take for example the Italian singer; they really did a good a job making her look old and corpsy. But what I can’t understand is why would a ghost age? The burnt corpse of Santos looks pretty real and very well done. The flashback scene when you see everybody get killed had great gory effects… though these effects are not in abundance it still delivers. Plus, don’t forget the infamous deck scene, which had great bloody effects.

3. Some people say the plot was uneven… what was uneven about it? Aside from continuity errors, the plot seemed fine. Hell, even the idea that the busboys and the butlers rebel in such a short time isn’t really that unfathomable. They didn’t seem like they had a real set plan but rather an all balls out attack. I don’t think there were any uneven parts of the plot. I don’t think continuity errors fall under plot development, that is a whole other category and sure, there is the fact that there are English words on an Italian boat but I think that’s only there to avoid subtitles… because, after all, it would look even weirder.

4. The acting in this movie was pretty good. I understand that the movie was trying to make you feel for the characters but it wasn’t successful, so the character development wasn’t as good but the acting wasn’t bad either. It was pretty good and I really wish Gabriel’s character had a bigger role. There were some sad points and I think the little girl did a fantastic acting job.

From Blogger Pictures

5. I really enjoyed the semi closure ending. As rare as horror movie have, the ending didn’t give closure the when all the ghosts were released from the ship to return to heaven… it really was kind of awe-inspiring and heartwarming. To see all of those poor innocent trapped souls finally released and they were all happy. It gives me shivers to see this old, dark, rusty boat sink while these bright ghosts swirl across it to heaven. Even when the antagonist says about the little girl makes me smile: ‘souls without sin are harder to control.’ Pretty much saying, that the little girl is the epitome of innocents.

6. If you don’t like this movie for any of the above reasons, then you have to like it for one of the opening scenes where the wire slices through all the people on the front deck of the boat. That is one of the best kill scenes in horror history.

From Blogger Pictures

Now, I am not saying that this movie is the best movie ever made, nor am I saying that this movie is one of the best ghost stories but for what it is, a simple little horror movie, it is worth it. It was a box office hit and I think that this movie deserves a chance

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Fear Shop Affiliation is the leader of online sales of metal and horror merchandise. Since early 2000, we have brought you the top officially licensed merchandise from metal bands and horror movies. All items are officially licensed by the artists themselves and are screen printed on high quality tees, hoodies and hats. We are the store where Horror meets Metal. Horror Podcast (FHP)

The Horror Podcast is dedicated to reviewing horror movies without spoiling them so that you can make the decision on whether or not the horror movie, horror novel, horror comic series is worth wasting your time.



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