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Soundtracks - C.H.U.D. (1984)

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Yes, I am doing a soundtrack review for the 1984 b-movie C.H.U.D., because I can and because this movie has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Ever since I saw it I became enthralled with the soundtrack of it and now I feel as though I have to communicate my obsession with it through writing. The score can be broken up into two parts; both synthesized of course, the Main Titles and the Main Theme. I don’t really care about the love theme or any of the scores in between; it’s those two that always made me smile.

The Main Titles

This is got to be one of the best main theme titles in 80s b-movie cinema. Right off the bat, as soon as the credits appear, you hear loud pulsing synthesized drums giving it that epic monster movie feel. Over the drums there is a humming sound, pretty much just providing white noise. Then there is that siren sounding electric guitar strum… and it really does sound like an short air raid siren that they would use before setting a bomb off or the kind of siren you hear in a laboratory. All the better to give the movie that threatening sound.

The Main Theme

This was an awesome main theme because like the Main Titles it starts off with a fantastic symphony of synthesized drums and piano. At points, it sounds like they are horns but there is also this sound that gives it this strange and eerie tone. If you listen to the sound it has about midway into the score, it’s almost sad and depressing… like you’re mourning somebody. It has this creepy, haunting yet sad and strange tone. If you think about it, the C.H.U.D.’s aren’t all that bad because they are mutated homeless people.. so maybe they are trying to make you feel for them. Who knows.

So, that is my little analysis of the soundtrack to the movie C.H.U.D. and I am glad I finally got that off my back. If anybody has a place that I can maybe rip the music from or can tell me where to find the soundtrack… please do. Again, this is a score that I will always remember because it’s so intoxicating. Below is a clip from the movie that has the Main Titles sequence, I could not find a video on the Main Theme. 

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CHUD has a cool score, but I love the theme song from CHUD II: Bud the Chud.

El SeƱor J said...

Yeah, I have seen this movie just now, and I'm looking too for the soundtrack. If I find anything I'll tell you. Nice blog btw!

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