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Review - Jack Frost 2 (2000)

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I’ll admit… I hated this movie when I first saw it and I wondered why I bought it for $10 at Best Buy, but after re-watching it again for the first time in many years, I realized that this is not a movie that you’re supposed to take seriously. This of course is Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman. The story centers on Sam (from the first movie) who goes to a tropical island for Christmas so that he can escape the memory of serial Killer Jack Frost, but while on the island Jack comes back as the killer snowman, this time immune to anti-freeze. Things turn cold when people begin to die and Jack Frost has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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The sly humor from the original is no longer present in this movie, but rather a combination of stupid and screwball comedy. There were times when I enjoyed some of the slapstick comedy… specifically some of the pointless running around and snowball attacks, but there were points where the spoken comedy was just stupid. The lines that really annoyed me was mainly spoken by the little snowball monsters, or babies, or whatever the hell they are. But, what I will say, the puns that Jack Frost makes are pretty clever and witty but at times they were really bad.

I want to look at one aspect of the film that annoyed the piss out of me and that was the snowball things. If they made them nearly as vicious as the DVD cover made them out, it would have been twice as better… but these snowballs acted like children, which is fine because they are, but at least make them more wicked and crazy. They talk… which bugged me and I hated that they had arms; just balls would have been nice. That was one part of the film that disappointed me.

When it comes to special effects and gore, both of these movies showed outstanding achievement. For what the cost was, which I am sure was low, to make this movie, the gore and the special effects were great. There were parts where the movie made a nice bloody mess of things, which I loved and some of the explosions were just masterpieces of blood. As for some of the Jack Frost kills: snow anvils falling on people was always a treat, I enjoyed the Jack Frost box and kitchen tongs in the eyes equals brilliant. 

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Some of the characters were actually pretty funny like 'Captain Fun' and that British guy who serves no purpose to the actual story. I liked the Jamaican guy and some of the girls were pretty hot... but the biggest disappointment were the various things of Jack Frost that talked. It was pretty stupid when an ice cube talks, or when a fucking carrot talks... or even melted snow in general. 

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I guess viewing this movie for a third or fourth time I finally decided that this is supposed to be a wacky comedy horror than anything else… it shouldn’t be taken seriously and there are only a few things to complain about. Jack Frost wasn’t as brutal as he was much more brutal in a screwball way and I can’t really complain about the acting cause it wasn’t that bad actually. So in retrospect it was a fun, campy, corny, gory movie that should be given a chance… I mean, if you enjoy bad movies then please see it but if you’re looking for anything deeper… your shit out of luck. 


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This movie is funny. It does get a little long. It should have been cut at least 5 minutes.

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