Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Scream at "Scream"

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Here is one of my biggest concerns: why are there so many people that hate Wes Craven’s “Scream?” What’s the matter with it? “Scream” was what “Shaun of the Dead” was to the zombie genre and it was one of the best spoof movies out there that was self-aware. It had genuinely scary moments, it had some blood and gore and I think that it slaps the slasher genre in its face. It challenges the formula of slashers and provides and explanation. Lets look at it:

Q: Why is it that a killer always seems like he is everywhere?

A1: Because he’s a killer, that’s what they do.

A2: There might be more than one.

Q: Why is it that every other girl gets killed but the main character?

A: Because she doesn’t do drugs, sex, drink or smoke.

There are some moments that are funny and it makes numerous references to horror films that had an obvious influence on this film.

So again, why do people hate this movie so much? I could understand maybe the 2nd one and for sure the 3rd but why this one? 


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I agree, I liked Scream!

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