Monday, August 3, 2009

'Encounters' Introduction

So a friend and I have decided to do an independent internet TV show called 'Encounters' where we would travel to the scariest places in the Chicagoland area to look for ghosts and the paranormal. We are extremely amateur investigators and for our debut episode we went to the haunted grounds of the Graceland Cemetery. 

We wondered around looking for the graves of Inez Clark and Lorado. When we found Taft's grave we looked around it and took a few picture although the legend say that his tomb was not photographable but we managed to debunk that legend. We even looked into it's eyes and saw nothing. 

Inez Clark's grave was a bit more difficult and the legend goes that if you stand next her grave you'll hear crying in the distance or hear her playing and laughing. Some people have claimed to have seen a ghostly apparition of a girl walk by. Even more so, it is said that the stone monument inside the glass case would disappear. When we got closer to her grave we literally felt something touching us all over the place... they were not cobwebs because it was a wide open space and some of the touching was inside of our shirt. Perhaps we did have an encounter after all. 

All of this is on camera and when my friend, Frank, edits the episode I will host it up here on the blogs. Our next stop is Bachelor's Grove... the #7 most haunted cemetery in America. 


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