Saturday, August 15, 2009

Terror in the Aisles 2, Part I

Today is the Terror in the Aisles 2 at the Portage Theater in Chicago where they will be featuring the movies The Evil Dead and My Bloody Valentine with an extra bonus movie… the one… the only… Trick r’ Treat. I am really excited to be going and I will be meeting so many horror bloggers and website owners there as well such as and From what I understand there will be other short films as I mentioned in a later post as well as competitions and, from what I understand, some gambling tables. The director of My Bloody Valentine will be attending and so will the special effects artist for The Evil Dead.

I will have a in depth review for Trick r’ Treat up on this site as well as The Horror Press… although that will be that abridged version of the review. In the mean time I will be heading up to Reckless Records to see if they have any horror movie discounts. So, tune in later tonight to see the reviews. 


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