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Top 10 Overlooked Horror Movie Villains

I decided that with all the Top 10 Horror Movie Villains of All Time there are, we have seen all the same killers, the only difference is they are all in different orders. So, I have come up with a list of killers that people my have overshadowed or not even thought of simply because they weren’t good enough.

10. Dr. Robert Elliot from Dressed To Kill (1981). What always freaked me out were men dressed up like women and I never could understand why. Perhaps it’s because of the idea or something else… but when one of them finally decides to pick up a razor and slice people up, it’s twice as creepy for me and that’s probably why Elliot my list. Plus, even as a psychiatrist he is strange and very dark.

9. Billy Loomis & Stu Macher from Scream (1996). This killer duo has always been frowned upon when it comes to horror movies and I don’t know why. I enjoyed their style, playing on slasher film killers and I think they know their stuff. It’s like of like Leslie Vernon before Leslie Vernon. Plus, Billy is a hard-core psychotic and Stu is just the manservant. I also enjoyed them because they don’t just stab but they also gut and dismember their victims… something that most adolescent killers don’t do.

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8. Dr. Philip K. Decker from Nightbreed (1990). Like most killers, he slashes through people like scissors through paper but what always scared me as that he had that most killers don’t have… that wicked looking mask. It reminded me of The Scarecrow from the Batman comics and it was frightening.

7. Edward To Swensen from Evil Ed (1995). This was a simple man turned psychopath that I loved only because of personal reasons. His job was a film editor who was hired by Campbell to edit a serious of gruesome hack and slash films. But after seeing so much blood and guts he snaps and becomes a gun totin’, swearin’, killin’ movie editor that acts suave as he’s doing it. It’s like he becomes the person that he always wanted to be rather then a dork.

6. Gus from The Tripper (1995). The only reason why I even categorize him as a worthy villain is because of his costume idea. He takes on the persona as Ronald Reagan and murders hippies. This is something that I am sure every Republican wants to do but never could because of the law… so Gus does it for them in the movie world. Since I am a Republican, I can say I enjoyed a few scenes in this movie.

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5. Johnny Bartlett from The Frighteners (1996). This is one crazy motherfucker! Here is a guy, an orderly, who just went bizerk and started gunning down a bunch of people in a hospital. His M.O.: to out kill every famous murderer that ever lived. What distinguishes him from others is his M.O., it’s simple and not complex and he’s doing it for the fun of it. Plus, you can’t beat that smile that Busey has. It’s so devilish.

4. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (2000). He is a suave, intelligent and sophisticated killer that murders over the most mundane things like the color of your business card. He knows who he is, he fucks people and then kills them, is a cannibal, has a large arsenal of shiny weapons but are we to believe all of this is real or in his head. He murders without cause or without reason and not to mention he is also a good artist.

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3. Truck Driver from Duel (1971). Though it’s unknown, the number of people he may have killed but all we know is that he tortured poor David all the way down the road and played near-fatal chicken games. This is something that I really enjoyed about him, the fact that he uses psychological fear to kill you as well as his mighty truck. He lures you into a false sense of security and then runs you off the road… and the best part is: you never see his face. Well, until the picture above.

2. Anne Wilkes from Misery (1990). Now this is one crazy bitch. What makes her my #2 is not what she did in the novel or the film, but what she did that the both the novel and film hint on. She was a nurse that would murder patients by overdosing them and then she also killed babies in the maternity ward. She is depressed, paranoid and psychotic… plus, she has a knack for taking a hammer to people’s legs, screams and slams typewriters on your legs. She has such an innocent fa├žade but she is a wicked person who will stop at nothing to keep her number one fane with her.

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1. Axel Palmer from My Bloody Valentine (1981). This is number one solely based on the fact that the killer scared me as a kid. Out of all the costumes and masks that killers wear… a minor mask freaked me out. Why? Because of the breathing, those bug-eyed goggles and that breather made him look like an actual machine that kills. Plus, he uses a pickaxe rather then a knife, which made it bloodier and violent. I also have to give Axel credit for having his killer alter ego choose the costume. Also, I always thought it was awesome the way he laughed and the way that he knocked out those tunnel lights… such greatness.

So that is the list… running down them again:

10. Dr. Robert Elliot (Dressed to Kill)

9. Billy Loomis & Stu Macher (Scream)

8. Dr. Philip K. Decker (Night Breed)

7. Edward Tor Swensen (Evil Ed)

6. Gus (The Tripper)

5. Johnny Bartlett (The Frighteners)

4. Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

3. Taxi Driver (Duel)

2. Anne Wilkes (Misery)

1. Axel Palmer (My Bloody Valentine)


Andre said...

YES I have never hated a woman more than I hated Kathy Bates in Misery. Before seeing it I knew what she did with the hobbling and such but I never imagined I would hate her so frickin much.

Honestly when she smashes her head at the end I was hailing Jesus. Psycho baby killers deserve to have their heads smashed open by typewriters.

Kaykiie said...

I <3 the frighteners! Awesome film!!!

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