Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Horror Press

I got myself a new job on The Horror Press as a film critic/reviewer much like how I did on Buy Zombie. Though this website is mainly geared towards any kind of horror movie out there. I am really excited and when I watch a movie that has not been seen or has not been posted yet… I will definitely write for them. Below is the description of what the blog is specifically aimed towards:

“The Horror Press is all about everyone showcasing their love for horror. Horror fans come to the horror Press to share their love for terror, gore and psychological effects that horror movies and books have instilled in us since we were kids. Here you will find Horror News, Reviews, Recommendations and most importantly showcase your love for horror by submitting a short story, poem and or review. You can contribute by supporting unique writers, and reading their work or submitting your own piece. When you submit a unique piece you are eligible for a monthly contest and readers will be able to choose their favorite short story, poem or review and win a prize. Submissions can be mailed to or please read the submission guidelines before sending”   

-       The Horror Press

It’s funny, I have already joined two websites writing reviews and I am afraid that I may not have any more reviews to post on my own blog. I’m not complaining because I enjoy it… I just think it’s funny. Maybe I might make it out there sometime. 


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