Monday, July 13, 2009

Review - Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

I know it’s not technically considered horror, but rather a black comedy or a musical, but it had a man-eating plant so I feel that I must talk about it… and I am of course talking about “Little Shop of Horrors.” Here are my initial thoughts on the movie that I love so much:

This is the kind of movie that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to sing-along with and it has great musical numbers and fantastic set designs that I enjoyed so much. If it weren’t on film that I could almost imagine it being on stage, even though it was. And the puppetry, what can I say other then Jim Henson did another wonderful job.

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There are some pretty creepy and morbid scenes in this movie… which is Frank Oz’s style, that I got scared of when I was a kid, those include: any of the times that Audrey II eats somebody, that whole scene when he calls Audrey, the dentist scene and the ending when he crashes the building down. This is such a more amped up version of the Roger Corman classic.

Even the casting was brilliant, who would have thought that Moranis would have delivered or what about Levi Stubbs from the Four Tops? Hell, even the cameos by Bill Murry, John Candy and Jim Belushi.

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I don’t how else to show my appreciation for this movie and the hopes to one day see it on a Broadway play. Hell, I owned a Venus Fly Trap that I named Audrey II and it loved flies and spiders… unfortunately it died. But her spirit will live forever in the little shop of horrors. 


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