Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Wish For More Horror Respect

I am sitting here watching “Wishmaster” and I started to notice the special effects, puppetry and makeup effects throughout the movie. The scenes in particular that I think stand out are the beginning prologue scenes, the transformation scene in the laboratory and the end party scenes. Of course, today the effects are a little mediocre and perhaps even laughable but for this time these effects were amazing and they truly were sight to see. 

I’ve asked some people that I know if they have seen this movie and all they end up telling me is that the movie was so corny that it was enjoyable. Too a point it can be a little campy with the one-liners but when I first saw this movie it freaked the shit out of me. People nowadays have it easy, they are so used to CGI and animation that when they see good old fashioned puppets they mock it and don’t respect it for what it was back in the day… an art.

If the Wishmaster were here, I would wish for the younger generation to have a little more respect for the horror genre back then.  


Stanley Book said...

Thank you very much. In my opinion CGI has got nothing on old school effects and a lot of new movies are so seriously done they are laughable.

Though CGI has more features, it simply doesn't move right, and sometimes to make a truly scary film you have to delve into the uncommon: insanity.

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