Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hooray!!!! I am now a reviewer on a Chicago-based website known as, where they discuss anything and everything that has to do with zombies. In addition to posting reviews on my personal blog… the reviews that deal with zombie flicks will also be posted to BuyZombie too. My reviews would be under the name Rick Romanowski and my username would of course be FreddysFingers much like my Twitter.

Here is there official ‘About’ page:

Started in 2007, BuyZombie is a site for Zombie Fans. While the started as an ever-growing database of everything Zombie related you can buy or do on the Internet it has since grown to be a hub for zombie news, media, reviews, and announcements! As time goes on we hope continue to have a complete Zombie Product database, keep you up to date on the undead happenings, as well as more features for you all to enjoy.” 

So this is my first step into trying to dip my hands in as many horror-related websites as possible. There are several other websites that I want to try out for, none of the big name ones because it’s highly unlikely that I will get anywhere but for now I’ll go for more of the indie websites.

Once again… the website is 

Follow them on Twitter as well.


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