Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trailer - Orphan (2009)

I went to go see a movie called “The Hangover” today and while I was viewing the upcoming attractions I saw a trailer for a new thriller/horror movies called “Orphan.” This is a movie about a sweet little orphan girl who turns out to be a serial killer or a psychotic or something… but the trailer made it look like it was good. I don’t know about this movie, it looks like its going to be a rip off of “Bad Seed” or “The Good Son” or even “Joshua,” and although the trailer looks appealing, I think it’s going to be awful.

My first impression on this trailer was: wow, I can’t believe they are going to make another child killer movie, because we don’t have enough as it is.  But, by the looks of it, the little girl who plays Esther seems like she will be having a great performance, which usually is the case. The movie may suck but her acting won’t.

Those are my first impressions. 


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