Friday, June 5, 2009

Apartment Finding

Me and my buddies, Frank and Ben, want to move into an apartment in Chicago for some time now although we haven’t been able to locate the right apartment in the right neighborhood. We found several good ones in Humboldt Park, but it’s Humboldt Park. So we found just the right apartment in Wicker Park near the Blue Line and it was perfect for us. Here is the rundown:

$1300/month for 3 bedrooms and includes heating – able to talk down to $1200

Laundry on-site

Electricity/gas/cable is separate

Move in date is June 15th

First month you pay full rent

July you only pay half of the rent

1 ½ security deposit of $600 per person

$400 fee to get it off the market

Fee can go towards first months rent

It sees like the perfect apartment. I called to see if my mom was okay to co-sign it and she reviewed the information and she said it sounds like a cool apartment and that she would be able to do it… until I mentioned the move in date. I have summer classes that would conflict with the date and I am not going to commute back and forth from Chicago to Naperville for early morning school.

I guess, now, we are at square one…  again. 


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