Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review - 2001 Maniacs (2005)

I had the… fun of watching a very campy movie known as “2001 Maniacs,” which I guess was a remake of the ’64 movie “Ten Thousand Maniacs.” It’s really about a group of college kids that travel to a small southern town for spring break only to find out that everybody that inhabits this town are psychopathic cannibals. I don’t know where to begin with this review.

First off, there were a lot of bloody effects and it was pretty gory. I enjoyed this, and some of the strategies used to ‘off’ the characters were pretty gruesome. The main problem that I had with this movie was that the horror and gore aspect of the film is overshadowed by the slapstick comedy, the crude redneck humor the terrible puns. Most people would find some of the puns funny but I found them campy and unnecessary and it was so over the top.

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What I found a little displeasing was hw they viewed Southerners: there is a retarded kid that likes to kill cats, a young man who fucks sheep, inbred sisters, a dumbfounded black man and everybody seems talks in stereotypical southern lingo. I am from the south so I am a little iffy on that but I can overlook it.

This movie wants to be a horror comedy but it failed as a horror movie and I can only consider it as a comedy. Sure there is gore, some scares and a lot of deaths and cannibalism but I found myself laughing over ridiculous actions. The movie, of course for sex appeal, it littered with gorgeous girls who serve no purpose but as eye candy. 

I have not seen the original one, I might have to so that I can compare them… but I could still watch this movie again and find it appealing as a dark comedy, but I cannot say that this is everything a horror is. If you like “Dead Alive,” “The Frighteners” or even “Shaun of the Dead” then you might like this movie. 


Andre said...

hahaa I caught this on free movies on demand and wrote a review also! What I found most strange was how updated the girls' sexy clothing was. Also wasn't it really surprising to see Eli Roth's Cabin Fever character AND Dr. Mambo, before the events of Cabin Fever happened of course.

But yes terrible movie, really only used for comedic purposes and insanely campy. Also what was up with that one girl's metal demon teeth? And why was she so ugly?

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