Friday, June 12, 2009

Review - My Bloody Valentine (1981) (2009)

This has got to be one of the best remakes of a classic slasher movie that I have seen, even thought it is in 3-D. I saw in the theater but I bought it about a few days ago and I was thoroughly entertained. This movie that I am talking about is of course “My Bloody Valentine 3-D.” But there was something about the original that I enjoyed that the remake tried to duplicate but just couldn’t. Let’s review the remake first.

The remake was very satisfying and I am usually biased towards any kind of remake. In 3-D it was great and there were some scenes where I actually jumped out of my seat and screamed. I loved the idea of having a killer dress up like a miner and I am depressed that this killer really didn’t take off like some of the others. The movie was also really brutal and very unforgiving. It had gore and it had plenty of great kills involving a pickaxe. The story was solid and it did a great job of tweaking the original movie but still keeping its moxie.

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The original one was also very entertaining and sometimes scary. It wasn’t as gory as the remake but it had a sort of hitchcockian flare to it that made it worth watching. The story of this slasher movie was centered on a good ol’ American town, Main Street USA, gone horribly bad how the town is trying to move on. This is what the remake lacked that the original had: the idea that this is a small town and that it is a very rural and rustic place that has it’s own folklore. I will get into that when I review the song. Every small town as it’s superstitions, and that’s what I like about the first one.

The downside: they are making a sequel to the remake. 


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