Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Problem with 'I Want to Believe'

I was watching the new “X-Files” movie… “I Want to Believe” again just to see if my feelings have changed but as far as I know, I still think that his movie was terrible. It was nice seeing Mulder and Scully meet up again and it was nice to finally see an ‘X-Files’ movie in the theater but it was a big disappointment.

I grew up watching and loving ‘The X-Files’ and for this movie to be that bad was just unacceptable. The whole movie had no real supernatural element to it at all… it was like that episode ‘Hell Money,’ but even that episode had something that this movie didn’t have: passion.

Although I am willing to look beyond this because I am hoping the Chris Carter will be doing an Mythology themed movie when 2012 moves around. That’s just my gripe about the new “X-Files” movie. Hopefully I am not the only person that feels this way. 


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