Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stephen King Invades Playboy

I got this in my email a while ago but I was too busy to get it posted, but when I read about it I almost through a shit fit. My favorite author is now in one of my favorite pornographic magazines… and now, I have to buy this magazine so that I can read it. Here is a quote about what the story is about. 

“Stephen King’s chilling, new tale – The Bone Church – is has been exclusively featured in Playboy’s November issue (on newsstands now). The horror master’s narrative poem, which tells the tale of a jungle exploration and raw human fear”

- Deadly Movie

Apparently this is not his first story that was published in Playboy; there was “Mute” from the December 2007 issue, “Willa” from the December 2006 and “The Word Processor” in the January 1983 issue. There was also an interview of him in the magazine as well.

So, if you are too lazy to actually pick up the magazine, you can view it on the Playboy websitebut as for me, I will be picking this issue up as soon as I see it. 


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