Thursday, October 8, 2009

31 Days of Halloween - Day 8: Top 5 Zombie Killers

Day 8 of our 31 Days of Halloween and today I will be doing a day old Halloween tradition; honoring the dead, the Living Dead and in the same sense I feel as though I am also desecrating the dead with Top 5 Zombie Killers and Zombies. For the first half I will be giving you my personal favorite zombie killers. But I use a certain criteria to determine an efficient zombie killer and here it is: you have to be efficient, reliable, no pussying out when your friend turn into zombies, brutal, violent and care about the people around you that are not zombies. Plus, you have to be a badass while doing it.

5. Starla Grant from Slither. I have always had a thing for women with spunk and kick to them (sugar and spice) and Starla is not exception. When I saw this movie I fell in love with here character because she knows how to kick ass and take names and she isn’t one of those floofy kinds of chicks who wuss out when zombies start attacking. She can pick up any kind of object and use it against the living dead… and she looks good while doing it.


4. Kenneth from Dawn of the Dead. I have always enjoyed Kenneth from the original movie but I think the remake taps into his psyche and character more and it shows that he isn’t just a badass but a man who suppressed the way he really felt and possibly the way a lot of us felt when others get killed and not us. He’s effective because he doesn’t toy around and he is tough and strong enough to be a solid leader. 


3. Samuel from Diary of the Dead. Probably one of the best characters and the most memorable scene-stealers in this whole movie. He is deaf and dumb Amish man who writes on a chalkboard and blows up zombies. Why does he make the list? Because based off of that one scene (before he dies) you can tell what his history was… he probably got his hands on a couple of grenades and started blowing zombie hoards to kingdom comes, he probably knows how to use an AK and he probably isn’t afraid to get his hands wet. He is totally deceiving and yet he makes a great hero. Praise to the Amish folk!


2. Tallahassee from Zombieland. Never had I had so much fun watching zombies get mowed down in my life! Tallahassee is one of those hardboiled guys who seems conceded and only determined to help himself but when you finally meet him, he is like the rest of us. He takes pride in killing zombies, he doesn’t fuck around, he enjoys the simple thing and he is reliable and funny; something that is needed during the zombie apocalypse.


1. Ben from Night of the Living Dead. When it comes to zombie killing, be doesn’t fuck around and he has always been my hero. He is your classic hero, he is smart, clever, reliable, and efficient and he knows that shit is hitting the fan. He is a great leader even in the time of danger and betrayal but his heroics in the movie doesn’t stop there. Culturally, he was one of the first public African American hero that slapped racism in the face and set new standards for heroes. He is truly a memorable and legendary zombie killer. 

Honorable Mentions go to the following:

Ray Cameron from Night of the Creeps

Lionel Cosgrove from The Dead Alive

Burt from The Return of the Living Dead

The next post will be about the zombies themselves.


spidey_zombie said...

Sorry man you missed the most bad ass zombie killer, Peter (Ken Foree) from the original Dawn of the Dead, not only does he fuckin kill zombies with a fuckin kick ass high power rifle but he kills the friend that help him escape from the zombie invested city.

The guy who helped him barricade the strong hold, sat and watched him die and then killed and buried him.

Hardcore man

Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse said...

Hmm, how about Cherry Darling from Planet Terror? Or Prisoner KSC2-303 from Versus? Or Francesco Dellamorte from Cemetery Man?

Not to say your list is bad -- it just got me thinking. So, nice work!

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

This was top 5... they would have made my top 10 easily.

Jim @ Movie Brain Rot said...

As always, You make think about who would make our list. I love the out-of-box picks like Samuel from Diary.

Brian said...

Great now I'm going to have to do a list.

Anonymous said...

hehe man you pick way to old picks pick shaun from shaun of teh dead or sumthing

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