Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review - Cockhammer (2008)

So I recently had the pleasure of watching a movie called Cockhammer by Hack Movies and after seeing the movie all I can say is: “What the fuck did I just watch?” To begin to describe what I saw on my computer is like trying to explain what a tesseract is and it’s going to make it hard to review this movie but I will try to do it anyway. From what plot that I can gather it’s these two stoner friends who must save their girlfriends after they were kidnapped by these henchmen after trying to score some weed so that they can be sacrificed by a severely obsessive compulsive ex pornographer so that he can become a demon and enter the Nether Realm. Whew.

Let me start off by talking about something that I noticed right off the bat and something that really worked for this movie and that is the dialogue. The dialogue was brilliant for such a movie and it boarderlined on the swift long drawn out conversations of Quentin Tarantino and the sick perverseness of John Waters.  I can’t really quote this movie but what I can say is that I have never heard of so many different descriptive phrases of anal sex, dicks and asses. To just listen to the characters talk in general was a huge treat.

Now, lets talk about the gore and blood and the effects. For such a low brow movie Cockhammer had some great bloody effects and during the scene where the transvestite demons were disemboweling somebody, I believe the ‘intestines’ were just plastic wrap but it looks so real; proving that with a little imagination anything is possible. The makeup was also pretty good for a movie of this status… the demons were beautifully dressed up and Cockhammer demons was the icing on the cake. It’s a true spectacle to see what you can do with a few bucks and an image in mind.

I can’t complain about the acting or the production value because I excuse it for being such an indie movie… and acting, was okay and I think that it was intentionally supposed to be a little off since everything else was. The characters are funny and laughable and in some psychotic way you feel for the characters because all they want is to get anally fucked by their girlfriends.

It’s easy to see that this movie was heavily inspired by Troma pictures because of it’s goriness, humor, controversial and obscure sequences and it is probably one of the most dark, humorous, pornographic gorefest of a movie that I have ever seen. I can’t describe what I saw because it was everywhere and it the epitome of the phrase ‘What the fuck?’ it was raunchy and it was demented! I felt like I was violated in the most private of cinematic places and it felt good. I can only recommend this movie to fans of horror comedy, grindhouse, exploitation and even those porn hounds because this is a thrill ride for only a select group of people. 

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