Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flashback Weekend - Day 2

So today was the second day of Flashback Weekend and for my friend and I, it was very interesting… especially getting to the hotel. We took the Blue Line into O’Hare and we hopped on the shuttle but the man told us we can’t do that anymore because we are not ‘insuring the bus,’ so he let us slide but tomorrow we have to find some other means of getting there.

Well, we got inside and all was well. We searched around and everything but for the first half we met Tim Thomerson and Svengoolie who were all really cool people and Tim, a lot of people thought he was a nobody but he’s a pretty cool guy.

Svengoolie himself.

There was a giant beast thing by Dream Reaper that was going around scaring people and a bunch of people dressed like Jason and Freddy. Tony Todd was back and finally got a picture of him….

Tony Todd and the Beast.

The Beast vs. Jason.

Yeah, that beast thing kinda reminded me of the beasts in the movie Dark Floors.

We came back for the costume contest hosted by Svengoolie and my friend entered in as ‘Hot Mist.’ Below are some of the highlights.

Here is my friend as Hot Mist in the bathroom.

My friend with Svengoolie.


Some female witch doctor.

The beast thing who won 1st place.

The lineup of everybody.

Next was the Zombie Beauty Pageant, which was amazing for all us zombie fans and there were a lot of pretty hot Zombie chicks. Some of them had very unique designs and some of them went all out with this. Before hand I met up with Kitty Zombie and some of the hot girls from The Zombie Army and they almost ate me…

Me, Kitty and the Zombie Army.

Here are some of the highlights of the pageant. It was hard trying to get these pictures because the man in front of me kept getting in the damn way!!

The judges of the Pageant. Dr. Gore!!!!

Zombie waitress.

Kristy Kreme.

Zombie cop.

Nickname: Skittles.

Zombie schoolgirl.

Hawaiian Zombie.

Zombie widow.

Catholic schoolgirl zombie.

Regular zombie.

2nd, 3rd and 1st place winners.

The Zombie Beauties.

The Zombie Beauties with the judges.

Kitty being Kitty.

We then had a nice little strip tease and dance by the Flaming Dames. It was really nice and at one point one of them went up to somebody and wiggled her breasts right in his face. They did take their bras off and did show a little bit of risqué things. Needless to say, the kids were closing their eyes.

A nice little song and dance by them.

The money pose.

We then saw a pretty good musical called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Musical… that wasn’t really that bad. It stayed with the original, it wasn’t long and for an independent show, it was really good. It kept the famous scenes and some of the tunes were catchy. And yes, Leatherface did have a solo.

Leatherface’s solo.

The entire cast.

We then proceeded to the O’Hare room where Tony Todd and Robert Englund would host the Halloween Costume Monster Bash… which was boring because Robert’s plane was delayed and Tony was just goofing around and stalling. When things finally picked up… Robert was still not there and they started without him.

This was the boring Monster Bash.

Here it Tony Todd hosting the party for Robert.

Everybody was just talking and only the drunks, Kitty and the Zombie Army were dancing. Kinda boring and my friend and I left. Hopefully, Robert will be there tomorrow and tomorrow is the Full Moon Road Show!!


penney1115 said...

Grat pix sorry th eparty was kinda boring but from what you told me last night you & your firend had a pretty good time :). Cant eait to read the final days happenings & see the pix

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