Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flashback Weekend - Day 1

As many of you may or may not know, my friend and I are going to Flashback Weekend for the full duration since we have the gold passes. With these gold passes they give you a free copy of ‘Hollywood Monster’ by Robert Englund and free autographs by Englund and Lance Henrikson. Well, this is my post on Day 1 of Flashback Weekend and boy was it thrilling.

For starters, we took the Blue Line subway to Rosemont and we found out that the hotel was 4 miles away, so we had to go to O’Hare Airport, hop on a shuttle bus and take it to the hotel. Once inside, it was booming full of horror fanatics and amazing horror memorabilia. Of course, everything was cash only and I had not cash. Most of the guests were all $20 per autograph and I didn’t have the money but I did try to snap a shot of Tony Todd when he wasn’t looking:

Failed picture of Tony Todd.

I did however meet some really cool people. I finally met Chad Savage, and his ‘Sinister Visions.’ Lance was cool, like, really cool and he respectively made fun of Robert and signed my friend’s “Hollywood Monster” book: I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BOOK. SIGNED LANCE H.

Here is me with Lance Henrikson.

Met Kevin Strange, the man behind Hack Movies and Cockhammer.

Here is the awesome stand for Horror Society.

Left to right: Tim Thomerson, Lance Henrikson, Jenette Goldstein.

The Ginger Snaps reunion.

Overall it was nice. I won a free Halloween DVD from Anchor Bay for guessing the run time of the movie as well as a free Hammer Horror shirt and tons of cool buttons. We saw Near Dark on the big screen. Tomorrow will be a lot better… the dance, Robert and some cool movies.


penney1115 said...

WOW thats cool you got to meet Meet Lance I love the Movie Near Dark He was great in it. and Tim Tommerson/Dollman/Jack death from the Trancers movies is there that's sweet. I haven't seen the Trancer movies in a long time my mom has them all far as I know. It's really neat u got Robert's book to, I rally want a copy till i read your blog I didnt know he had one. I'm hopin the walmart here gets it eventually but I kinda doubt it will there's a book store nearby I may have to order it.Or ask for it for Christmas. Looking forward to tomorrow's post

Megyn said...

Looks like fun. I love going to huanted houses during halloween.

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