Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31: Top 5 Deadly Movies Posts

And now, it’s Halloween and we have come to the end of our 31 Days of Halloween bloggathon… and today, me and Deadly Movies have decided to do a Top 5 of our Favorite posts from each other’s blogs. Now, once you see mine… you’ll notice that they are all ‘Top 5’ posts because he did a great job of creating some unique and original Top 5 ideas that I never even thought of. So, here it is, my Top 5 Favorite Halloween Posts by Deadly Movies.

5. Day 7 – Horror From Around the World
Here is a nice little post that shows other countries are capable of making good ORIGINAL horror ideas like the U.S. used to make. It was a very fun read for me because most of them I never even heard of.

4. Day 5 –Top 5 Shameless Boob Shots
Now here is a post that I am sure all of us would love to read at some point… but what makes this post stand out from all the regular posts is that he actually made a post about boobs in horror movies and made it very interesting to read. At any other time, I would read a boob post and say this person is a horn dog… not Deadly Movies.

3. Day 25 – Top 5 Halloween Horror Alternatives
Now here is something for all the kids and all the people that don’t want to watch the hard-core horror stuff. Deadly Movies chooses family beloved movies like The Monster Squad and Ghostbusters instead of shitty wannabe horror movies that never had one single scare to them.

2. Day 27 – Top 5 Halloween Motels.
This was a post that I could have never dreamed of making because I couldn’t fine any motels beside the Bates Motel and the one from Motel Hell but I applaud Deadly Movies for making this one because it took time and it turned out to be one of the best ‘Top 5’ posts that I read.

1. Day 9 – Take a Halloween Vacation
This was one is my favorite because of the idea of taking a trip to a haunted setting inspired from a movie. I mean, who didn’t want to visit Camp Crystal Lake… or who didn’t want to stay in a skuzzy roadside motel after Psycho? Well, Deadly Movies offers a once in a lifetime chance to take a nice easy Halloween Vacation to all those places, proving, the he is the travel agent of terror.

Well, there you have it… my Top 5 Deadly Movies Posts. Although, I enjoyed every single one of them and an honorable mention to Day 29, it was a fun experience and although I couldn’t tackle a post on the day it was due (because of midterms) I couldn’t ask for a more perfect Halloween Bloggathon. Thanks Deadly Movies!!!! And….



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