Thursday, September 3, 2009

X-Files Mythology Tribute

This was a video that I made using my first editing program... Sony Vegas Movie Studio. I was rather fond of it and like the other videos that I made, I had to hold up a camera to my computer screen and tape the clips. I didn't know how to rip things then. After I chose my song and I got done editing it (it took me 6 hours) I looked back and I was very proud of it. 

What do you think?


NoWhere MaN said...

Great video! Amazing editing! Very well put together, you should be proud. But what's with the song? Haha! :P

Film Gurl said...

Cool video! I like the effects, the song threw me for a loop but overall very well put together, great video! :)

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

If the song threw you off a little, then I succeeded in my job.. hahaha!!

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