Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Horror Re-Cuts of YouTube

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After much consideration, I have decided to do a brief rundown of the re-cut horror trailers of the YouTube community. The first time that this was brought to my attention was from my teacher/mentor who showed me the re-cut version of West Side Story. Well, I just wanted to give a brief run down of my favorite re-cut trailers. This is not a top 10 list.

 This was the second one that I saw and it really made me laugh my ass off!! It cleverly manipulates the footage to make the movie center around a dad, who is a struggling alcoholic writer that tries to bond with his son. The point at which this trailer hits hysterical lever is when ‘Solsbury Hill’ by Peter Gabriel. Sheer brilliance.

Ten next one on the list is pretty interesting, it keeps the story of The Ring but it subtracts the supernatural element out of it… therefore it’s a story of a woman who is trying to get as much stuff done before she dies in 7 days. This trailer sure knows how to manipulate video footage to make it seem like it is a hard-hitting drama.

Who would have thought that such a beloved children’s movie could look so wicked, twisted and demented… but somebody decided to give the horror treatment to Marry Poppins in this parody of the faux film Scary Mary. This is one of my ultimate favorites because it’s short, clever and to the point and it takes footage that would normally be funny and makes it seem more possessed the usual.

What happens when you take the love and affection of Free Willy and the cinematic suspense of Steven Spielberg? You get a story about two men who fell in love with a shark in the hit summer movie Must Love Jaws. What a wonderful way of turning such a brutal movie into a heart-wrencher and one of the best scenes has Brody watching Quit get devoured by the shark as he laughs.

With the exception of the tagline at the end of the trailer, whoever did this re-edit took my number one favorite movie of all time and set it to one of my favorite genres of all time. Bravo! But what I enjoyed about this is that it makes it look like some evil force aboard the RMS Titanic was killing off people… a brilliant supernatural thriller.

This is perhaps my favorite re-edit of a movie… through clever editing techniques and some good special effects; the editor took an American musical classic and turned it into a brutally violent zombie movie. I guess it worked cause there is enough random street dancing to look like running zombies, but I can’t help but laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I love West Side Story, but I like the zombie version of it just a little more.

Well, I think this just proves that I may have too much time on my hands or I am really that obsessed with horror. There are so many re-cuts out there but the reason why I chose these is because they were professionally done and they included both a voice over and a wide selection of Immediate Music whereas some are just music and that’s all. I hope you enjoyed these and if you did… look for them online. 


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