Friday, September 18, 2009

Review - The Nun (2005)

Once in a while, you get a movie that was really bad but it had really good intentions and I have seen plenty of these films. One such film is The Nun, which I saw this morning. The story reminds me of I Know What You Did Last Summer and in fact it is another shameless rip off of the move. Essentially its about a group of girls, who have all grown up, that have a dark secret and are one-by-one getting killed by the ghost of a nun who likes to resurrect from water. There were a number of good things about this movie but there were also a number of bad things with this movie and I felt like this movie could have done without a nun.

What I want to elaborate on is the good parts of the movie and how many parts were supposed to be scary or good but didn’t do so well. There were some really legitimate scares in this movie and there were some times when it did catch me off guard, the only problem was that they were becoming a bit too clich├ęd. The special effects were pretty good for an indie movie and they weren’t as bas as some movies are so I can’t complain about that.

The acting was so-so and it was decent but some of the flashbacks scenes could have been a little more persuading because it seemed very overacted and as though the actresses were having way too much fun with the role rather then being committed. That is really my only complaint about the acting… the rest was good, could have been better but could have been a lot worse.

The main problem that I had with this movie was the story and the way the whole thing played out. I don’t know why they chose a nun, out of all things; not that I am complaining but it seems as though they initially wanted this movie to be a horror/comedy. They could have used somebody else. Plus, I hated that this movie was a shameless rip off of I know what you did Last Summer and the twist in the end was stupid. What was also a little unbearable was how predictable the movie was in some points. I mean, the plot could have been strung together a little differently and I think it would have been a lot more solid than it is.

Overall, this is a very average movie… it has some good things and it has some bad things and I think a lot of these aspects equal each other out eventually. I thought this would have been such a bad movie because the DVD box cover looked so awful. It’s another case of a misleading box cover. For an indie movie it has much more potential but it did deliver pretty good for what it had. I think most of you should give this movie a running chance.


Tiff said...

Just thought I'd point this out: I Know What You Did Last Summer doesn't have a copyright on the idea of paying for crimes/sins committed in your lifetime. That's an idea that's old as hell. In fact, it's called hell.

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