Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review - Surprise (2009)

I had the pleasure of seeing a very independent low-budget zombie movie courtesy of Mike and Ike on YouTube. Now, I have seen many zombie shorts and many of them were really, really bad because they didn’t have the money to afford good effects… well, this film avoids all that and I will tell you why: the entire story is a one-shot canted angle of a woman who trying to break down the door to rescue her husband.

I actually enjoyed this movie, I thought that the one angle, one shot thing was getting annoying but I realized that’s the whole point… to keep the audience on edge and to keep them wondering what is happening behind that door, giving them the perspective of the woman. Sometimes the unknown is always the best. What I also enjoyed was how this story started and how it picked up right at the end of what happened. It makes the audience ponder what led to this happening, especially since she blames the guy for starting the whole thing… the audience wants to know what happened. What I also liked was the emotional drive of this movie, something that all zombie movies have since it give the viewer a look at the inside of the character’s mind.

The only complaint that I have is really minor and it’s almost unnoticeable but it took me out of the film slightly, I don’t remember at what point it was but there was one point where the actress sounded as though she was reading off of a note card and it sounded a big fake.

In summation, this was a pretty good film for what it was and how long it is… and from what I heard, not many people liked the ending because you don’t know what happens. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe, you’re not meant to know what happened because at this point there is not hope. I enjoyed this movie a lot and I seriously think you should see it.

In fact, you can see them right here:


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