Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ballad of Old Chief Woodenhead

This is just a little exposé that I wanted to do on ‘Old Chief Wooden Head’ from Creepshow 2. This is not a review.

When it comes to anthology movies one of the most widely accepted and most well known is Creepshow and Creepshow 2. But I want to take the time to talk about Creepshow 2, specifically the story known as ‘Old Chief Wooden Head.’ When I first saw this as a kid I thought that The Chief would be the bad guy but that’s not the case, he is the good guy and honesty, this is one of the best revenge stories in a horror movie that I have seen.

The story itself is very compelling and it sets up the perfect tone of a revenge flick. The owners are good-hearted people who refuse to close down because they are dedicated to their customers and want to strive forward. The old Indian man is also a nice person who we think is bad but isn’t. The three vigilantes are unlikable and truly cold-blooded.

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What makes the story so good is how the film makes you feel for the shop owners and how it shows you that they keep the Chief in good condition and how both of them have respect for one another. The Chief loves these people and he cares for them, and the owners tend to him. When the shop owners get murdered by the son of the old Indian man, you feel sorry for them and you root for the Chief to dispose of them in the most fowl and ugly of ways. It makes you feel happy and glad and it provides closure to the story.

The Chief is truly a very underrated hero of the horror genre and I think he deserves recognition. 

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Old Chief Woodenhead

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cockney0_1 said...

Totally agree. I quite enjoyed Creepshow 2 and Old Chief Woodenhead was my favourite story of the three. I love the music when he's going in for his attacks and it really is quite a creepy story. Would've been cool to have another Woodenhead story somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Cigar Store Indians are one of the many things that freak me out on a daily basis. It's just the way they... leer.

Anonymous said...

LOVED it !! Watching it again now !

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