Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review - Flying Saucer Rock'n'Roll (2007)

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Okay, this movie was everywhere and it I think that it’s meant so that you shouldn’t take it seriously. This movie is of course Flying Saucer Rock ‘n Roll and all I can say is that it was pure wackiness and a pretty fun ride of laughs and indie cheese. It’s about a group of people who find an old hermit in the woods who tells them a story set in the 1950’s about a nerdy kid and his girlfriend who have to save the world from aliens and zombies with the help of a beatnik.

There were a lot of problems with this movie but I will give them credit for making it. Quite honestly, this looks like a bigger independent production of an Ed Wood movie and it really looks as though it used Plan 9 as an inspiration, which is interesting because the plot is the same and the decade is the same. The acting, was not bad… in fact, I thought it was good for such a lowbrow production and set wasn’t really that bad either. They took an idea and they ran with it and milked it for all the cheese it had.

There were parts that I found really confusing and I ended up wondering why they were in there. For example: why was the gun building in comic book form? Couldn’t they have used a live action montage? Some parts were just ridiculous like seeing the zombies drive and trekking along the world in an obvious green screen effect. It had the production value of a studio movie but the plot and care of a indie flick and it could have been better… way better, but if they took it seriously it would have been a pretty damn good movie.

I guess if you are a huge fan of the b-movie cult as well or independent movies in general, then you’ll enjoy this movie… but if your looking for anything that is serious or true horror, you might have to look somewhere else. I enjoyed this movie only because it was ridiculous and funny but I kind of wanted it to be scary or at least somewhat scary. 

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Thank you for posting a review on this movie. I was looking for a movie to rent on my TV and ran across this one. This was the only review I found. However helpful I found it, I suggest (for your personal growth and improvement) that you have a friend edit reviews before you post them. The gramatical mistakes were very distracting. And for someone who aspires for a PhD one day, nothing on the internet ever goes away. And you only want your best work out there for public consumption. Good luck.

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