Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waxwork: The Second Time Around

Well, I gave it another try. I remember renting Waxwork as a kid and watching it all the time when I was like 10 or 11 years old. Then, when I was 17 I decided to watch it again but I couldn’t get all the way through it. I fell asleep during the vampire dinner scene. After being bored out of my skull the first time around I never wanted to watch it again until just recently. I got it off of Instant Netflix and gave it another go-around. I dozed off right after that battle the girl has in that white laboratory. My dad woke me up and I stayed awake for another 10 minutes until I fully descended into sleep right after David Warner pushes that buy into the wax figure. I realized that this movie just wasn’t made for me.

Based on what I remember, Waxwork just really boring and not very exciting. The video box art shows a small butler opening the museum doors to reveal a mass quantity of melted monstrous wax heads. That made me believe that the film would be about these monsters coming to life and stalking the teens inside the museum. I never thought it would be about different realms. That’s what put me to sleep was the lack of interest.

The second time around I realized just how boring it is and why. The beginning is so dry and it starts with a murder that takes in the main characters house. It was exciting but I’m sure it is explained much later on in the film. The rest of the movie, or should I say more than a quarter of it, is just unlikeable teens blabbering away about love and jealousy. Hell, the main character is still in love with this girl who obviously only bases on looks and fancy specialties and not personality. After I woke up the first time, they were having dinner with vampires and even as they were slurping down bowls of black blood… I was still not amused. The whole fight in that white tiled lab was very unexciting and lacking in common sense. Then, watching two people get lost in a museum is what put me back to sleep.

It seems as though most people in the horror crowd like this movie and they usually site Zach Galligan for being in it. Though I can’t see why people like it but maybe it has something to do with allowing themselves to turn their brains off for that one movie. I tried doing so but the film lacked plain common sense and I couldn’t bare it. Also, if anything, I would cite David Warner for being it than anybody else. From Waxwork to Titanic within 10 years takes talent.


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