Monday, December 6, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

Well, it’s the holiday season and all the kids are taking out their pens and paper to write a list to Santa of all the different toys and objects they want. I remember my first Christmas present I wanted… a bicycle. Yes, it’s very cliché but I wanted one so bad after I learned how to balance on one. So this year I decided to go back to my childhood, like I almost always do, and write a Christmas list of my own. No, it’s not a list of things that I want considering I don’t know if I will like them or not, but rather a list of Christmas themed movies that I would like to see before the year over. I’ve been a pretty decent person this year (*fingers crossed*) so hopefully Santa Claws will deliver me some evil this year.

1) Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974) – A mysterious person is going around taking revenge on people for something that happened on Christmas 40 years ago. Apparently it’s more of a mystery than a horror movie but it was one of the few movies that sparked the 80s horror craze.

2) Night Train Murders (1975) – Described as an Italian rip-off of the controversial Last House on the Left. Two female college students head home for the holidays on a train, until they are violently assaulted by a group of criminals. However, things go downhill for the assaulters when they run into one of the girl’s father.

3) To All A Good Night (1980) – During the Christmas break an all girl’s school host a party while the dean is away. They’ll have boys, fun, sex and probably booze. Well, everything is going fine until a killer starts taking couples out. With the police useless, could all of this be because of a girl who killed during an initiation prank?

4) Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984) – A psychopath is roaming around London hunting down and killing people dressed up as Santa. Now, a detective must solve the case before it’s too late but his only lead is from a very suspicious reporter.

That’s my short and sweet Christmas list. I have no intention of seeing any of the Silent Night, Deadly Night sequels but a lot of the other Christmas films sound pretty intriguing. I just hope that I can find these this year and enjoy a little bit of the grim holiday spirit. Hopefully Santa will get my letter and give me a stocking full of horror movies this year. I can only hope. If worst comes to worse, he’ll probably give me a cheap stocking stuffer like Santa’s Slay or Santa Claws.


HorrO said...

Over the weekend I created a Holiday Horror page with some of these movies on it. I included the trailers. It was fun because I haven't seen many Christmas themed horror movies. Some of the trailers looked interested, while others looked really bad. If you do watch any of these movies, are you going to review them?

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Absolutely! I too haven't seen that many Christmas themed horror movies and I'm hoping to this year. :)

Garet said...

Have you seen the 1972 movie version of "Tales From the Crypt"? It is a really great movie. It has a killer in a Santa suit terrorizing Joan Collins.

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

I ran across that movie in my Christmas horror search and I thought it was a mistake and they were referencing ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Tell me more about it.

movies said...

THis is really great list. I love watching Christmas movie. My Mum presented me lot of Christmas movie DVD on my 15 birthday. And I hugged me with great happiness...:-)

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