Saturday, December 11, 2010

The New York Quacker

Yes, as funny as it may be… there is a movie about Donald Duck going on a prostitute-killing spree. Well, not literally but the film does center around on a serial killer that disguises his voice by doing a Donald Duck impersonation. It’s funny because this killer would quack and laugh as he is slicing and dicing his way through the hookers he finds. What’s even better is that he would call the police station and antagonize the detective in charge of finding him. Imagine, getting calls from the killer you have to find but than realize that you are talking to Donald Duck. The killer would usually say something really sarcastic or a one-liner than proceed to quack-laughing. But as the movie goes in, the voice impersonation gets a little freaky because since you don’t know who it is… it’s as if Donald Duck IS the murderer. I think it’s one of the first movies to really use voice manipulation to hide the killer’s true identity but we saw that before this film in Black Christmas. However, New York Ripper takes it to a whole ne level.


Matt-suzaka said...

Ha, that voice was such an odd choice, indeed. Funny enough, one of my favorite giallo films is Fulci's Don't Torture A Duckling, which actually was originally titled Don't Torture Donald Duck but rights and all that jazz kept that from happening.

I love New York Ripper, in all of its exploitation sleaze, and that car kill scene when he stabs the girl is pretty awesome, too. Sleazy and off the wall, but I love it!

Free movies said...

"The New yrok Ripper" was one of my favorite movie to see. There are many scenes that were controversial but the one that placed New York Ripper in film infamy was the infamous death scene of Daniela Doria.

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