Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grim (2010)

I am pleased to announce that my newest film is finally up on YouTube. It was the ONLY movie that came out good considering that we shot everything on Bolex but this time we had the lighting equipment. The only problem is… it lacked a good ending because we ran into some difficulties. You see, the ending (as you’ll see) was supposed to show me taking a nice swan dive off of the balcony into the street below. Not to worry because what I climbed up on was actually just a small ledge where they would plant flowers. Below me, about 4 feet down, was the rest of the balcony so I would end up jumping down 4 feet but it would look like I jumped off the entire building. That didn’t stop the girls who were dorming across the building from flipping a shit. As soon as I climbed up on the ledge and threw my hands in the air I saw them react to me. One of them grabbed their phone and two or three of them ran for the window urging me to get down. I had to assure them it was for a movie so I told my buddy, Frank, to give me the camera and the lighting equipment so that I could put them at ease. I think I jut made matters worse because they probably thought I was trying to stage a theatrical suicide. So we couldn’t film the rest of that scene. That’s why there is such a hard cut between me getting on the ledge and the final shot. Hope you enjoy anyway.

Oh and that is real alcohol in that flask... 'cause I'm a method actor. ;)


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