Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Podcast (The Geek Couch)

Yes! I am pleased to announce that Sean of The Geek Couch invited me to be a guest on his podcast. I was actually a little shocked when he agreed to it because I never would have thought anybody would want me on his or her show. You see, I think I’m a very boring individual. I had a great time and even though I was a little nervous, Sean was pretty patient with me.

Click here to listen to the Podcast.

We talked about new theatrical releases, DVD and BD released like The Town and Despicable Me, and we discussed what movies we were watching and some that we recommend. Oh, and much more than that obviously.

I would like to thank Sean again for allowing me to be on his podcast, it was very fun and I hope to do it again some time. Thanks, man!


Josh said...

cool blog! i especially love the vincent price poster you posted, thats so awesome!

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Thank you very much!

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