Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vincent Price Tribute Poster

Not many people know about graphic designer and media enthusiast Eric Slager but he’s 22 years old and he created one hell of a Vincent Price tribute poster. I saw that many of my other blogger friends did a post showcasing his tribute and before I even had a chance to come up with mine, Slager himself contacted me. He asked if I would be so kind into doing a post on his poster. Well… I did.

The poster itself is very gritty and it’s designed to look like an old late 50s or early-mid 60s poster; having all of the titles of the movies Price has been in compose his face. The mustache and hair are the only solid black aspects of Price’s faces. I quite enjoy it and I find it to be a very modern tribute to a great actor. Below is an image of the poster and if you click on it, it should blow up.

Vincent Price


If the poster doesn’t blow up, click HERE for a direct link from Slager.

But like all great things, there is a story behind this poster. If you would like to see where Eric got his inspiration to make it, please click HERE.


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