Sunday, March 14, 2010

R.I.P. Peter Graves

Yes, another great man has passed away who has dedicated his life to cinema and TV and that is Peter Graves. According to the Lost Angeles Times, Peter Graves (83) died in his house in Pacific Palisades of natural causes. It’s a shame that such a great man has now departed this world, but at least he died of natural cause rather than from cancer or from a disease. He left a legacy and his life will always be remembered for what he accomplished.

Many movie fans will remember him from playing the strange airplane pilot in the movie Airplane! and from what the L.A. times said he, “initially turned down the role for "Airplane!" because he thought it was in poor taste--until actors Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges and Leslie Nielsen signed on to the cast. "They say you are supposed to stretch as an actor, so let's go stretch it," he told The Times' Susan King.” Who would have thought that the role would have been so memorable? TV fans will remember him from his portrayal as James Phelps on “Mission: Impossible.” He has been in several films that have been featured on ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and he even has his own place on the pavement outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Of course, I understand that I am missing a lot of other work that he has done but these are just some of the highlights of his life and some of his more memorable moments. Again, it’s a shame that we lost such a great actor but he will never be unappreciated. Rest in peace, Mr. Graves. You will be deeply missed.

Source: Los Angeles Times


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