Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poster Postcards: The Thing

I’ve seen so many blogs do something like this so I figure that I would to. As many of you know The Thing is my absolute favorite horror movie of all time and it wasn’t until recently when I decided to look up posters for the movie. Well, below are some of the ones that I came across and my interpretation of a few of them.

So I present to you the first Poster Postcards from The Paradise of Horror:

This is the poster most of us know. It’s the theatrical poster that’s used on the Special Edition version of The Thing. This poster always used to hypnotize me because I would stare it wondering what was underneath that hood? What kind of thing could take the form of a human being? Even in the library I would walk past the VHS of this and I would stare at that imposing cover art. Who would have known that it would be my favorite horror movie of all time?

I really like this poster a lot. It really monsterizes The Thing as some kind of epic, unstoppable force that comes from below. The terrain is barren, white and bleak and it just looks more frightening.

Right now, and this just came up, this is my favorite poster for this movie. The bottom of the poster depicts the outpost in flames, showing a grim and grisly future that awaits those who are inside. It truly is like looking into the future. Atop the burning outpost is a grotesque figure of twisted, bloody skin that represents the faceless thing. What I really like about this poster that the first one doesn’t have is the isolation; this poster replicates that isolationism that’s in the movie.

And then there is this one….


La Morte Vivante said...

These are great. Thanks for sharing!

At a recent horror conference a guy running a stall had various booklets of postcards for sale, and one was Thai promo for 'The Thing'. It was similar to the top image but much more lurid! Here's a link to an interesting collection of Thai film posters if you're interested...

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