Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today marks St. Patrick’s day, a day in which we shall be observing and celebrating the Irish heritage, however a lot of us shall be using this time to drink excessive amounts of liquor and beer and pass out on the couch. Well, this post is to all you sober horror fans… a few ramblings that came to mind as I look on this day of green. Perhaps I can offer you guys a series that I am sure everybody knows about and I am sure that you guys probably already watch it but what the hell, I’ll say it anyway.

The Leprechaun series. Yes, Leprechaun, this was a fun series to watch. If you were a fan of Paradise of Horror in it’s infant stage then you’ll notice that I did a post about why the rhyming scared me in this movie (click here). Well, this if you haven’t already seen this series I strongly recommend going out and trying to find it. Warwick Davis really did a fantastic job creating his own little character. It’s just fun to see him running around shining shoes, killing people with pogo sticks and biting ears off just so that he can get his gold.

After the second one they completely fell apart from there, it turned into a comedy rather than an actual horror movie… sort of like the way Child’s Play went. Even still, the series is one of the few horror franchises that I can watch. Although, after space I believe Leprechaun went to ‘da hood’ and that’s where I stopped caring. The rest was all good cheesy fun.

For those of you who will be drinking this evening I recommend watching this movie drunk, which I am sure will make a lot of you laugh. Anybody who is a hardcore drinker should do a drinking game to the Leprechaun series: a shot every time Leprechaun says, “I want me gold coin!!” By the beginning of the third movie, you won’t remember the last two.

However, with all jokes and drinking games aside, this is a real serious holiday that should be observed. It is the honoring of St. Patrick one of the commonly known saints from Ireland. During this holiday people would normally wear three-leaved Shamrocks to represent the Holy Trinity. Since the 1600s (or in some cases before then) it has been a tradition for the Irish culture. With that said:

I wish all of you a safe holiday and


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