Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Oh yes, this just happened. I just heard about this book from Stu, at Buy Zombie, sent me the trailer for it. I am so psyched for this book. When I first saw the trailer I thought it was a real movie and my first impression was: AWESOME!!!!

The publisher had this to say:

“Following the success of his bestselling Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with another mélange of history and horror, Grahame-Smith inserts a grandiose and gratuitous struggle with vampires into Abraham Lincoln's life. Lincoln learns at an early age that his mother was killed by a supernatural predator. This provokes his bloody but curiously undocumented lifelong vendetta against vampires and their slave-owning allies. The author's decision to reduce slavery to a mere contrivance of the vampires is unfortunate bordering on repellent, but at least it does distract the reader from the central question of why the president never saw fit to inform the public of the supernatural menace. Grahame-Smith stitches hand-to-hand vampire combat into Lincoln's documented life with competent prose that never quite manages to convince.”

I for one, am sold on this book and I will definitely be buying this. This is my first real news story on this blog but the trailer made me so excited that I had to post this. Hopefully this book will also help redeem vampires. You can watch it below.

Buy it on Amazon here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just heard about this today, too--I think it was from GeekChickDaily. Looks pretty interesting. I've always had a fondness for dropping real people in fictional scenarios...and when those scenarios are horror related, that's even better!


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