Friday, March 19, 2010

Review - The Furfangs (2010)

Speaking of Critters, I was contacted today by somebody who wanted me to review a film called The Furfangs. Naturally, I was interested so I looked at the website that they gave me and I looked at the poster and all I could think was, “Wow, how funny is it that I just got done watching Critters and a few hours later I had to review what looked like a movie inspired by Critters.” Well, that’s exactly what The Furfangs is, a movie that pays a lot of respect to Critters. It tells the story of a man, who is alone in his house getting ready to propose to his wife, but then a small spaceship crashes into his house and little balls of fur drop out. Well the fury little balls are the Furfangs, maniacal monsters that steal the man’s ring.

I enjoyed this movie a little sci-fi short. The Furfangs are somewhat lovable as the villain because they are balls of fur and not to mention they practice good horror hygiene. Here is a movie that has a lot of heart and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I love it. It’s a no-budget film and for that, it should deserve a watch.

Check it out below:

Official website.


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