Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Top 7 Horror Movies of 2009

So here is my list of the best horror movies of 2009. It wasn’t that hard to choose because… well, most of the horror was all just a bunch of sequels or remakes and none of them were even worthy of making this list, except one. I did not use Paranormal Activity or Trick ‘r Treat because they technically weren’t released in 2009 but rather 2007 or 2008. So, I hope you like it.

7. My Bloody Valentine 3D – Now, I know many of you might harass me over this decision but out of all the remakes out there… I had a fun time watching this one and it was in respects to the original. It was gory, it was funny and I did jump out once or twice. It also inspired my friend and I to make a slasher movie.

6 Jennifer’s Body – Now, my original review stated that I did not like this movie that much but when I consider all the remakes that came out this year and all the sequels… this movie was pretty original and pretty good. It did have a couple of good scares to it but that’s really it. It could have been better though.

5. Orphan – This movie was fantastic. It had a lot of what-the-fuck moments and it really kept the audience on its seat waiting to see what will happen. It was frightening near the end the twist has to go down in horror history of greats twist endings. And here I thought this movie was going to be bad.

4. Pontypool – now this was a movie that was truly atmospheric and it build up such a tense feeling in me that stuck with me even after the movie was over. It had great dialogue, it was brilliantly written and the actors did a great job with the performances. This was truly a memorable movie.

3. The House of the Devil – I loved this movie from beginning to end because of it’s amazing tense atmosphere (in reference to Black Christmas and Amityville Horror) and that fact that it was one of the most original stories out there. Also, it was an 80’s throwback and if you know me, that’s all I need.

2. Zombieland – Though I don’t really consider this horror, it has zombies and I am a sucker for zombies so I think I should include it. This movie was action packed, filled with tons of humor and I could not help but see it 3 other times. It was a great movie that made me craving for a Twinkie at the end of it.

1. Drag Me To Hell – Now, this movie brings us back to the good old days of originality and goofy horror. Sam and Ted Raimi’s return to horror brings us an unforgettable performance, disgusting humor, jump-out horror and originality. Honestly, there was not one thing that I could complain about this movie.

So, there is my list… I know it isn’t much and it’s kind of sad that those made it but honestly, 2009 was a crap year for horror and I know there are some really good horror movies that came out like Dead Snow but this is a list of horror movies that I saw. This year was also very busy for me in the sense of school work and such so it was hard finding time to see some of these movies.


Anonymous said...

Good list. Yeah it was a tough year for horror. Drag me to hell was great and the orphan was a pleasant surprise. The ending was fantastic. Anyway, great blog as always.

sleestakk said...

wow. if these were the best picks of '09 then it was a down year for horror. I'll have to look thru what I saw and see how it matches up.

the jaded viewer said...

I usually pick my top 10 in January. I've seen only 4 of the 7 here. But I'll catch up so I can make a good list as well.

Good picks all around.

C.L. Hadden said...

Did you see House of the Devil and Pontypool at the theater - or how'd you get your hands on them...they are both in my Netflix queue in the saved section...
Nice list BTW

BJ-C said...

You didn't see enough films my friend :D

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