Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Would Like To Thank...

I want to take this time to recap some of my ‘inspirations’ this year. Most of them pertain to either the blog or myself as a person. It’s been a very interesting year and it’s been a year when I took my first real step into filmmaking and blogging and it was the year that I decided to exercise my writing capabilities and start a horror blog. I would like to take some time and thanks some key people who helped me design and create my website (most of them never really physically helped me but encouraged and gave me ideas to incorporate into the blog).

The Paradise of Horror would like to thank…

James Rolfe (Cinemassacre) – because he was the whole reason why I go into blogging in the first place. After trolling around his site and seeing what worked, how to format blogs, how to organize them and how to edit them I realized that this was something that I wanted to do.

John Cozzoli (Zombo’s Closet) – because he considered me as a nomination to be a part of the League of Tana Tea Drinkers and because of his group he led me to find other amazing horror bloggers and people. Thank you John.

Mike Braken (Horror Geek) – because he helped me build up a style of writing and after reading his posts, he sort of taught me what kind of news to look for and how to write about it. I also realized that I needed a logo because he had a pretty awesome banner.

Bryan (Cinema Suicide) – because he was one of the few people that I talked to when it came to blogging and he introduced me to the LAMB and the Rondo Awards. Also, he taught me to push myself to the top and to never back down.

Brian Collins (Horror Movie A Day) – because his blog was the whole reason why I got into Blogger, which sounds stupid but also I found the Hatchet Army group as well as Rifftrax through his blog. It was also through his ‘followers’ that I met even more interesting horror folk.

Steve Jencks (Lost Highway) – because he, despite my very late check to him, agreed to do a logo for my blog and him and I were on the same wavelength when he came up with the best concept idea for it money can buy!! Also, his work is amazing.

Bloody Disgusting (Brad, Brian, David, Tim, Keenan, TJ, Danny, Kiel and Ryan) – because they pretty much gave me all the info that I needed for my blog as well as for my own knowledge. They are a great website and they truly are the best of the best.

Steve Barton (Dread Central) – because he, much like Bryan, told me to peruse my dream, never back down and to never take ‘no’ for an answer. His words really spoke to me and he also helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life… even if it was random for him on his end. (Same goes for Debi Moore).

Rick would like to thank…

Alexa (NinjaBunny89) – she is one of my best friends and she is one of the few girls that can talk and tolerate my weirdness and vice versa. She has been a great friend and I am glad that I had a chance to talk to her several times.

Brian Soloman (Vault of Horror) – because he is such an awesome guy and because he was one of the few people that I contacted for blog help and he plugged me into his little online group. Also, he helped me get started with Horror Blips, even though I still don’t know how it works.

Stuart Conover (Buy Zombie) – because he gave me a writing position on his website and always posts my reviews and articles. Also, he finds some of the most random shit and sends it to me… completing my day.

Mitch Wells (Horror Society) – because he, like Stu, gave me a position at Horror Society for writing reviews and he showed me all the horror conventions around Chicago. He also introduced me to the Portage Theater and the Music Box.

The Horror Press – She also gave me a position for writing on her blog too.

Brittany Colangelo (Day of Woman) –because she, along with Brian, helped me format and led me to find some awesome horror folk. Plus, I love her posts and her ideas. I had a great time meeting her and she is a great person too.

Rich Wolf (Obscure Horror) – because he is always fun to talk to and he has seen the same ‘obscure’ and bad horror flicks that I once saw when I was younger.

Lawrence Raffel (FearNet) - because he makes me hungry. Always.

So, there is the list and those are the main people that I would like to thank for helping me out with my blog development and for being good friends. To my other readers out there that I missed, I also want to thank all of you for your contributing comments and for your support. You guys are the real heroes of the year. I thank you and lets look forward to another great year (hopefully) of horror. Thank you all.


The Horror Press said...

The Horror Press also would like to thank you for contributing!!

The Italian said...

dick nugget! i introduced your ass to portage and music box. i dragged your ass outta palatine to come see paranormal at music box.

oddly enough the main places where we would be going for festivals were at both theaters.

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